I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1745

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1745–David and Valerio were chatting. 

It seemed like they were chatting, but in reality, Valerio was asking David all kinds of questions. 

With David’s intelligence, he naturally knew that Valerio was indirectly probing about his identity. 


Therefore, he repeatedly mentioned that he had an amazing master. 

He said he had always trained with his master and was only recently let out. 

As for the other points, apologies, but David would only answer perfunctorily 

Valerio also realized he would not get the answer he wanted by asking like this. Therefore, he changed. the way he asked and started chatting about domestic trivia with David. 

Of course, David was not stupid. 

With the increase of his mind power, his IQ and wits also increased. 

No matter what Fellowes said or asked, David’s answer would be invulnerable, not exposing even the slightest bit of information about himself. 

David would only let Valerio know the things he wanted him to know 

As time went by, David started to get impatient. 

His 110000 lavish points were right in front of him. As long as they completed the transaction, he could become a Saint once he got them. 

However, he was stuck here chatting with Valerio. 

This was torturous. 

As David was thinking of a way to escape 

Knock knock knock! 

Someone knocked on the door. 

David was overjoyed. 

“Are the treasures here? 


‘Can I complete the transaction now? 

David was ecstatic as he thought about that. 

However, Valerio frowned and asked, “Who is it?” 

He had ordered everyone in advance that no one was allowed to interrupt him without his permission. 

Who was so bold to ignore his orders? 

Then, a clear voice said from outside the door, “Grandpa Val, it’s me.” 

Valerio’s anger in his heart dropped in half when he heard that voice. 

“Alba! Come in!” Valerio said. 

Alba pushed the door open and entered the room. Then, she spotted David and Grandpa Val 

The auction was over. 

When she was looking for David, she heard that Grandpa Val had taken David away. 

Thus, she rushed over frantically. 

She was worried that David would start an argument with Grandpa Val. David was the person that could 

help her family out of their predicament, so they could not offend him. 

As David looked at Alba’s empty hands, his heart sank. 

She did not bring the treasures. 

He got excited about nothing. 

“Grandpa Vall Master David!” Alba called out. 

“Hello, Miss Fellowes,” David said politely 

“Alba, sit down. I’m talking to David,” Valerio said with a smile. 

It did not seem like there were any disagreements between the two men. 


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