I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1748

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1748–Nek might have thought he could crush David easily.

The next time they met, David would swap the roles so that Nek would know what it was like to be an ant.

“Hah… Huff… Hah… Huff…”

After taking a few deep breaths, David closed his eyes to try to recompose his body to its best state.

A few minutes later, David opened his eyes.

Then, he opened his system panel and clicked on increasing his Body.

A window popped up.

[This upgrade would cost 1000 lavish points. After upgrading, the host’s Body will go from Sovereign level 6 to Sovereign level 7. Please confirm.]

There were two options below: Yes and No.

Of course, David chose Yes.

The system shone and David felt a gust of warm air entering his body.

A few seconds later, the system went back to normal.

His Body had changed to Sovereign level 7.

He had also spent 1000 lavish points, so there were only 112900.

Without wasting any time, David continued to upgrade his Body.

Sovereign level 8, Sovereign level 9, Sovereign level 10.

He spent a total of 4000 lavish points.

Finally, David upgraded his body to Sovereign level 10.

His combat power also increased drastically and came to peak Sovereign Rank.

At this moment, David’s strength was on the same level as Nova, the head of the Iridescent Sect.

The two of them were peak Sovereign Rankers.

However, this was not enough!

David’s goal was not peak Sovereign Rank, nor was it partial Saint Realm. He wanted to be a Saint.

Now, it was time to upgrade his mind power.

He upgraded one level at a time, and he needed 1000 lavish points.

Sovereign level 2, Sovereign level 3… Sovereign level 10.

Since David’s mind power was only at Sovereign level 1, he spent 9000 lavish points just to upgrade it to Sovereign level 10.

When he upgraded both his Body and mind power to Sovereign level 10, David had spent a total of 13000 lavish points.

He took a look at the system panel.

[Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 9985701990000000 Star Dollars

[Body: Sovereign level 10 (You may upgrade one level using 100000 lavish points)

[Mind: Sovereign level 10 (You may upgrade using 100000 lavish points)

[Combat: Partial Saint Realm

[Combat Skills: Void Punch (Perfection), Air Crushing Slap (Perfection), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique ( Perfection)

[Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Perfection)

[Lavish Points: 100900]

Since his Body and Mind were both at Sovereign level 10, David’s combat power was at partial Saint Realm.

Right now, he was at the same level as Valerio, the head of Treasure Trove.

With this strength, he was already pretty invincible in Star Kingdom, a level 7 civilization.

In addition to his strong mind power and Evil-Splitting Sword that could cut anything, David would be unbeatable as long as he did not run into a Saint.

He could be regarded as the number one figure below Saint Realm.

However, this was still not enough.

He still had 10000 lavish points, so he could continue to upgrade his Body.

Once he upgraded this, David’s body would change, and it would go from a mortal’s body to a Saint’s body.

The most basic difference was that the mortal body would be threatened by the catastrophe. They would not be able to hide from the Eternal Catastrophe that would happen once every epoch.

However, once he had a Saint’s body, there would be no catastrophe.

If there were no accidents, the Saint’s body would truly live forever.


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