I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1758

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1758–If a first-rate Soulbound Weapon was being auctioned, it would surely cause an uproar in all the forces in Star Kingdom, including the six top forces.

In the end, the only ones who would be qualified to buy it would be one of the six forces with a Sacred Saint.

The others should not even think about it.

Because of David’s identity, Valerio humbled himself as best as he could to get on David’s good side.

He believed 80 to 90% of what Alba said now.

“You don’t have to blame yourself, Mr. Valerio. I got Miss Alba Fellowes’ help the moment I came to the Central Sacred Continent, so I am very grateful. If you need me in the future, please tell me. I will not say no as long as it doesn’t go against my principles. Plus, my master said I should make more friends now that I’m out here. Miss Fellowes is my second friend and I treat all of my friends sincerely.”

David lied without even batting an eyelid.

He kept trying to create a special identity for himself in front of Alba, which was that of the disciple of a Sacred Saint.

Only by doing that could he get Alba’s support in building and developing a new trading company.

Now, Alba had almost completely believed him.

Even so, this was not enough.

It would be best if she could help him develop the new trading company and spend trillions of Star Dollars.

However, he did not know how long this would take.

This meant she could only help David get millions of lavish points to upgrade from Pre-Saint to True Saint

at most.

Meanwhile, it would take tens of millions of lavish points to get to Sacred Saint. It would be almost impossible for him to achieve this in a short time if he tried using ordinary methods.

Therefore, David soon formed a crazy and courageous plan in his head.

He believed that East League Trading Company would reach a certain scale by the time he reached True

Saint Rank

When that happened, he would discuss a merger and acquisition with the grandmasters of the Fellowes family.

Didn’t they want to escape their current predicament?

Once it was successful, David would be a Sacred Saint and become one of the strongest people in Star


In addition to his mind power and the God of Thunder Hammer, he would excel among the Sacred Saints.

When that happened, it would not matter if he had a Sacred Saint master as support.

This was because David would be his biggest support.

If he wanted to make that plan a reality, he would need to do this step by step.

First, he needed to make Alba and Valerio believe him 100% and dispel all of their concerns.

“Thank you, Master David. I’m honored to be your friend,” Alba thanked David from one side.

“Don’t say that, Miss Fellowes. Since we’re friends, we should treat each other as equals. It will make us sound like strangers if you say things like how honored you are,” David interrupted.

“I got it, Master David,” Alba said in a small voice.

“David, may I know when your master will come here? I want to meet him on behalf of the family. If you don’t think I’m qualified enough, I’ll ask the grandmasters to do it,” Valerio said suddenly.

“What are you saying, Mr. Valerio? There’s no such thing as being qualified or not. My master is very easygoing, so he doesn’t have a lot of rules. You can see him anytime you want if he’s around, but I’m afraid now is not the time. I have to complete his mission before I can contact him,” David said after some contemplation.

After he heard that, Valerio thought to himself, ‘I think he’s only easy-going with you! How will he be so easygoing with others? If Sacred Saints don’t have a temper, would they still be Sacred Saints?”


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