I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2620

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2620-It was not that David was proud or did not know how to be humble.

However, after learning from Sylvio that Leila only had five Overlords and one Heavenly Overlord, he did not fear this crisis anymore.

Even if he did not upgrade himself, with his current partial Heavenly Overlord strength, Heavenly Overlord Rank soul, plus 81 clones that could be summoned by his Level 6 Cloning, he was prepared to face all situations.

As the saying goes, any conspiracy is useless in the face of real strength.

Now, David already had this qualification.

Lufian, a Heavenly Overlord, would never win against his 81 partial Heavenly Overlord clones.

This was David’s confidence.

Besides, being a partial Heavenly Overlord was not fixed.

Beanie and Thor were still in The Spirit Cage, constantly helping David earn lavish points.

When he accumulates 10 million lavish points again and his Body reaches true Heavenly Overlord Rank, Lufian would be nothing more than an ant by that time.

Moreover, David had always been extremely low-key.

He was not the kind of person who wanted to be famous.

It was in line with David’s character to abandon everything when the matter was over and hide his merit and fame.

He would only expose himself when forced to do so, or when he was sure he was truly invincible.

If he had not maintained such a low-key character, even with the system, David might not have achieved what he has today.

Maybe he would have been captured and cut open for study while he was on Earth.

After everyone said goodbye, David comforted them, “Don’t worry. Don’t you know what kind of person I am? If I were the arrogant person who doesn’t cherish his own life, how could I come all the way from Earth till now? So you just need to wait for me on Earth and try to break through to Eternal Realm as soon as possible, so that I can take you to travel around the universe.”

“David, don’t worry! As long as Lady Dream and I are around, we will definitely urge everyone to practice well,” Celeste promised.

“Dave, we will work hard and promise to live up to your expectations,” Sandy assured with a serious look.

Celia and the others also nodded.

Seeing the determined expressions in everyone’s eyes, David felt quite relieved.

Even though he still had not figured out how to deal with his messy relationships up to today, everyone seemed to understand and did not force him, so someone as flawed as David didn’t have to make difficult choices.

In fact, they also had concerns.

Perhaps they figured their relationship right now was pretty good, so there was no need to ruin it.

The women were very happy in their hearts as long as they could stay with David.

And the longer they stayed with David, the better they understood him.

This was a man who would yield to soft approaches but rejected force.

Pushing too hard would do no good and it would disgust David.

So they all acquiesced to this kind of relationship.

They believed that David would give them a status sooner or later.

Even if he did not, they would still be willing to stay with David.

After coming into contact with David, they were not interested in other men anymore.

“That’s good! Due to time constraints, I have to get to Leila as soon as possible, so I can’t accompany you anymore. We have a lot of time in the future. When everyone achieves

Eternal Realm, there will be plenty of time for us to be together,” David said happily. 2

In the end, David left Earth and headed towards Leila under the reluctant eyes of all the women.

With the coordinates given by Elven Princess Evie, David was not afraid of going in the wrong direction.

Overlords could ignore the constraints of time and space. So when they traveled at full speed, they were extremely fast.


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