I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2622

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2622-“Alright, Sylvio. I’ll leave now. Thanks again for the help.” Elora left after she said that.

Sylvio stood alone for a while.

Initially, he wanted to set the array for Flora’s restoration, but when he looked at the time, it was still early.

Valentin and Drogo still needed some time to recuperate.

Now, he decided to check the Robotias’ lair.

Why did Lufian disappear for so long?

Logically speaking, this was not right.

There must be something wrong.

Then, Sylvio went straight to the Robotias’ lair.

Leila was still peaceful.

However, the major forces with partial Overlords knew that this was the calm before the storm.

They had gotten the order from the five Leila rulers twice to get ready for a big battle.

A lot of the major forces had sent their talented direct descendants somewhere else to preserve the family blood in case their families were wiped out.

Time passed slowly.

When Sylvio left Leila and crossed the barrier, he saw a super black hole where the Robotias’ lair should be.

Even this living fossil who had seen so many things, and had been alive since ancient times, was beyond shocked.

This huge black hole was beyond his imagination.

He had never heard about this, let alone seen one.

A black hole was one of the most terrifying phenomena in the universe. There were a lot of reasons for it.

Without exception, they only appeared when the power reached a critical point.

The larger the area, the greater the mass, and the greater the destructive power.

Ordinary small black holes were not scary.

After the power dissipated, it would disappear very quickly.

However, this was Sylvio’s first time seeing such a big black hole.

He could feel that the terrifying power in the black hole had not disappeared yet.

In other words, this black hole would continue to expand.

Not even he, a partial Heavenly Overlord, dared to enter it carelessly.

“H-How did this come to be?” Sylvio murmured to himself.

Then he said, “Was it caused by the battle between Lufian and the Robotias?

“Impossible!” Sylvio shook his head.

It was not unusual for Lufian to have this strength.

After all, he was a Heavenly Overlord.

What Sylvio could not believe was how the Robotias could be so powerful.

Not even their mother brain could be this powerful.

He remembered that when the Robotias invaded Leila, they were unable to fight back.

Moreover, Sylvio even led the five Leila rulers to the Robotias’ lair.

If he had not stopped Lufian and others from wanting to destroy the Robotias’ mother brain on a whim, it would have launched a direct attack at that time.

Thinking about it now, Sylvio broke into a cold sweat.


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