I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2638

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2638-Checking the messages one by one, he found that most of them were from Celia and the others. A few were from Evie.

Only with the help of the system could David receive messages from all over the universe.

He could receive all messages whether they were from Celia and others on Earth, or Elven Princess Evie on Leila.

Moreover, the messages he sent back could be sent to the destination as soon as possible.

This was the power of the system.

It made absolutely no sense, just as how David’s strength had improved.

How did the system manage to upgrade an ordinary person to partial Heavenly Overlord Rank in just a few decades?

It was unfathomable!

Even the host David was confused about the system.

He only knew that it came from a relic of the God Tier Civilization.

As for where the ruins of the God Tier Civilization were from, no one knew.

David, from another timeline, encountered it by mistake.

When he tried searching for it again by memory, the ruins of

the God Tier Civilization had completely disappeared.

It was as if it appeared out of thin air.

Celia and others sent messages of concern and greetings.

For example, they inquired whether he had arrived safely, if there was any danger during his journey, or if he was accustomed to traveling.

David responded one by one.

He asked them not to worry, explaining that he was fine, though he hadn’t reached Leila yet. He assured them he should be there soon and mentioned that he was tracking his progress along the way.

He also added that, in the future, after everyone had reached Eternal Realm, he would take everyone on a trip.

After replying to Celia and the others, David started to reply to Elven Princess Evie.

She asked David when he would arrive at the Elven Forest.

When he arrived, he should contact her so that she could take David around the Elven Forest.

The Elven Forest was one of the most scenic places on Five Continent.

Since the southern area was a wood attribute area and was full of wood attribute energy, the vegetation there would grow very nicely.

It would be dozens of times thicker than other places.

When everything was done, David turned on the system.

[Body: Ancient level 10 (You may upgrade one level using 10 million lavish points)

[Mind: Heavenly level 10 (You may upgrade using 1 million lavish points)

[Combat: Partial Heavenly Overlord

[Lavish points: 2868524

[Special skill: Cloning (level 6)]

David was quite satisfied with the increase in lavish points.

In more than half a year, it had risen to more than 2 million and was close to 3 million.

Although it was not as fast as before, that kind of opportunity was rare.

Now that Amber City had returned to calm, David was very satisfied that it could still rise so much.

At this rate, it would only take two or three years for it to reach 10 million.

When his Body reached Heavenly Level 1, in combination with his 81 Level 6 clones, Heavenly Overlord Lufian, whom Sylvio mentioned, would no longer be a concern.

At that time, he would not be evenly matched with Lufian, but instead, he could completely crush him.

David figured that it had been more than half a year, so he should go to The Spirit Cage to see Thor and Beanie.

The two of them were working hard to help him earn lavish points, so he, the absent master, should go and encourage them.

David felt that since he had nearly reached Leila, he should meet the two of them in reality as well. After all, they had helped him a lot.


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