Married at First Sight Chapter 2555

Married at First Sight Chapter 2555-Carrie was stunned.

This house was really Camryn’s house.

Then her family was indeed occupying Camryn’s house.

She remembered that there were other houses in her home, but the square footage was not as big as this villa. A large family was used to living here. In addition, Camryn’s presence at home was low, and even the servants could be bullied. She asked, Who would care that this house belongs to Camryn?

Camryn reached out and took the real estate certificate from Carrie’s hand.

Then she called the butler and ordered, “Take someone upstairs and clean Carrie out for me.”

“Camryn, you…who said this house is in your name?” It’s done. I saw the name on the real estate certificate. It’s in my mother’s name. This is my mother’s house. It’s my house. You are the one who should get out.”

Camryn looked at it with a half-smile. She said, “Carrie, Dr. Carden has treated my eyes, and I can already see. Do you think I can’t read? The name on the real estate certificate is clearly my name.

Your family lives in my house and has never paid me a penny in rent. Don’t take anything away from my house. It will be considered a mortgage for the twenty years you have lived here.”

Carrie’s eyes widened. “Camryn, can you see?”

This blind woman, Camryn, could actually see again!

So many doctors couldn’t cure her eyes, but Dr. Carden was so powerful that she actually cured her eyes and allowed Camryn to see the light again.

Then Camryn still pretended not to be able to see?

“Camryn, you lied to me!”

No matter how stupid she was, she wanted to understand.

Camryn didn’t tell her about regaining sight at first, so she thought Camryn was still blind. Then she let her in, opened the password door of her parents’ room, and then opened the door of the safe. Camryn’s purpose was to know the passwords for the password doors and safes.

Carrie was unprepared and let Camryn watch from the side as she entered the password. Camryn had probably already memorized the password.

Camryn had a very good memory.

When she was blind, she relied on counting steps when walking. If she had a bad memory and couldn’t remember steps, she would easily go the wrong way.

And she lived like a normal person in a familiar place because she had a good memory, hearing, and sense of smell.

Camryn looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong with lying to you? You’ve lied to me before.”

Carrie glared at her angrily.

Soon, Carrie reacted and turned around to take the hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash from the safe.

The people in this family were all from Camryn. Now she was alone and couldn’t defeat Camryn.

If Camryn were still blind, she would have had some chance of winning, but now she has no chance of winning at all.

Carrie wanted to get her money before she got kicked out.

After being kicked out, she needed to spend money.

Without money, those cousins didn’t treat her as well as before.

When she had a meal at her aunt’s house, the aunts kept complaining that the food and meat were expensive, saying they had no money and couldn’t buy good food to entertain her. They were trying to get money from her in disguise.

Let her get her things back and help them change the situation.

At least buy a big house for each of their two families so that they don’t have to rent.

She had a lot of money on her bank card, and it would be better to take the cash away.

Camryn let her take the cash.

When the butler came upstairs with his people, Camryn ordered, “Get all the money in her hand. This is the property of my family. She cannot be allowed to take away the cash. After driving her out, she will not be allowed to take away the cash. She is not allowed to step in again unless she gets my permission.”

“Camryn, this money belongs to my parents. How can I say it is your family’s property? Do you have any shame? You can make so much money. It belongs to my parents.

Don’t take my money; this is my money, my money!”


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