Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1448 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1448 [Eleven Jewell]

The Hall family owned a lot of businesses in various industries. But with the loss of their daughter in their later years, they found themselves no longer interested in managing them. That was when Wenham stepped in and struck a deal with the Saun family. As a result, all of Freesia’s shares fell under his name. Even though Darcie was the primary operator of the company, her stake only amounted to thirty percent, with Wenham retaining the majority.

Now that he handed Caline over to Stella, he instantly leveled the playing field for the two of them within the company. Darcie felt a tightness in her chest. She quickly pieced together that this was Wenham’s way of expressing his displeasure about the hotel selection and also as compensation to Stella.

At the same time, Jaylene’s face darkened. She had expressed her desire to be part of Caline’s management on multiple occasions, only to be met with Wenham’s refusal, citing her health as a concern. Yet, Stella did not even need to ask before being handed the authority on a silver platter. Jaylene felt that her father was now a stranger.

Jaylene clenched her fingers, her gaze locked onto the figures on stage as a surge of emotions brewed within her.

Stella was well aware of the value Caline carried. She hesitated from grabbing the documents and said, “Dad, I’m not particularly versed in perfumery. Are you sure entrusting the business to me is a good idea?”

Wenham smiled and said, “You can always learn. Consider it practice. I have tons of other companies you can manage, Stella. You can take on any of them if you want.”

Stella did not know what to say. The degree to which Wenham doted on his children seemed boundless. It was surprising that he had not spoiled Trevor to the extent of no return.

She stole a glance at her brother, who shot her a cool look, implying that she should draw her own judgments. Stella fell silent for a moment, suddenly realizing that her father might not be as lenient with Trevor.

This gift was remarkably valuable. If it were anything else, Stella might have hesitated to accept. However, knowing it was the company left behind by her biological mother, she could not help but get a strange feeling.

After a brief moment of contemplation, she extended her hand and took the papers, softly saying, “Thank you, Dad.”

Wenham was overjoyed and grabbed her hand, saying,” You’ve been on your feet for a while. Let’s grab a bite and take a breather.”


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