Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2913 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2913 By verygoodnovel-The child did not cry at that time. Someone hugged him, and he became very good.

The maid panicked. Elliot and Avery had always had a good relationship. They hadn’t quarreled for many years. Now that something like this happened suddenly, what if it didn’t turn out well?

The maid put the child on the bed, then took out her mobile phone, intending to call Layla and ask Layla to come back to ease the atmosphere at home.

After about half an hour, Layla rushed over.

It wasn’t because Layla had received a call from a maid.

Instead, the manager of the company’s legal department told her that Avery was going to draft an agreement for Elliot to leave the house.

After hearing what the manager said, Layla was so frightened that she immediately put down all her work and rushed back.

“Dad! What’s going on? Did you quarrel with mom?” Layla came back and walked into the living room without changing her shoes.

Elliot was sitting on the sofa. He was the only one in the whole living room.

The maid heard Layla’s voice and hurried out.

“Layla, why are you here?” The maid wanted to call Layla at that moment, but she didn’t.

“Did my parents quarrel? My mother asked the company’s legal counsel to draw up a contract, saying that my father will leave the house… What’s wrong? Why are you getting divorced at this age?” Layla had a big head.

The maid took a look at Elliot.

The expression on Elliot’s face was solemn and frustrated.

He was in no mood to talk.

Because Avery went back to her room and locked the door.

“Come here.” The maid whispered this to Layla, and took Layla to the guest room on the first floor.

After the child ate the milk, he slept soundly.

When Layla entered the guest room, she was shocked when she saw a child on the bed.

“Where did this child come from? How could there be a child in our family? Huh?” Layla’s scalp exploded, and her body seemed to be ignited.

“He was delivered this morning. He’s said to be your father’s child.” The maid cut the long story short, “So your parents quarreled.”

“My God! My father’s child?! Who did my father have? My father actually Doing such an unbelievable thing! I don’t understand! I can’t understand at all! He has four children, why does he have to give birth outside?!” Layla screamed directly.

In the living room, Elliot could hear his daughter’s growling clearly.

Elliot covered his face with his hands and rubbed vigorously.

This was just Layla’s reaction. When Robert and Hazel came back and saw this baby, he didn’t know if they would react more violently than Layla.

“Layla, your father will do a paternity test with this child. Someone will come to take a blood sample later. Let’s talk about it when the results come out! You go to comfort your mother first! She is very sad.” The maid whispered, “Don’t blame your father for now! He said he didn’t betray your mother. I don’t think he can lie. After all, the children have been sent home. If it is really his child, he can’t accept it so calmly.”

“My mind is very messed up now! My mother may not listen to my advice. I don’t know how to persuade me! If I were a mother, I’m afraid I would be angrier than my mother!” Layla said, took outher mobile phone, find Hayden’s number and dialed it.

With such a serious incident happening at home, she had to call Hayden back.

Her Dad was just too much!

How could others send the child to the door if it wasn’t the father’s child?

“Brother, you hurry back to Avonsville. Something happened at home.” After the call was connected, Layla immediately said, “We have a new child at home, and they say it’s my father’s child.”

“Elliot wants to die?!” Hayden got out of bed. Sit up!


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