Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2914 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2914 By verygoodnovel-When Layla heard Hayden’s voice, tears welled up in her eyes.

It felt like the sky was falling!

The originally harmonious and beautiful family fell apart in an instant.

Although she was married to Eric, she never felt that she was the water thrown by her married daughter.

She always thought that after getting married, she would become a lot more mature, but she didn’t expect that the changes in her family made her clearly realize that she was still not strong enough.

After talking on the phone with Hayden, Layla took the tissue from the maid.

“Layla, I know you’re in a bad mood. But your father said that the child is not his. I don’t think your father will lie.” The maid persuaded, “Let’s talk about it after the paternity test results come out?”

After wiping away the tears, Layla looked back at the child on the bed.

Maybe it was the sound of her talking on the phone that woke the child up.

Now the child opened his eyes, his eyes were staring, and he didn’t know what he was looking at.

He looked silly.

“But I think he looks like my dad!” Layla felt more and more wrong the more she looked at it.

This child looked so much like his father, and he didn’t even need a paternity test to sentence his father to death!

“This…” The maid looked at the child again.

It really was!

Layla didn’t say that like Elliot before, the maid didn’t think about that. Now the more she looked at the child, the more she felt a bit like it.

Layla’s emotions, which had just calmed down, collapsed again. Her tears again flowed.

“Layla, don’t cry. Things have happened, you have to be strong. After all, your mother still needs comfort from you children.” The maid suddenly felt a little desperate.

How could her father make such a low-level mistake?

He already had four children, and all four children were excellent, they could retire early and enjoy life, why couldn’t they think about having an illegitimate child outside?

Layla was so stuffy that she couldn’t breathe.

She came out of the room and strode toward the living room.

Elliot was still sitting on the sofa in the living room, waiting for the paternity tester and the lawyer Avery called.

“Dad!” Layla was angry, so her voice was very unhappy, “There are no outsiders in the family, so just tell me the truth! Do you have any complaints about this family?! Do you think that although my brother is promising, But if you settle down in Bridgedale, you won’t be able to be filial to you in the future? Do you think that Robert is worthless and I can’t help you, so you found a son outside?!”

Elliot: “!!!”

What Layla said directly Elliot stood up from the sofa in shock.

“Layla, do you think Dad is this kind of person?” Elliot frowned so much that he could kill a fly.

Layla held her head high: “I didn’t believe it before, but now the evidence is in front of me, how do you want me to believe you?!”

“What evidence? Are you talking about that child? That child is the evidence to clear my grievances!” Elliot sat on the sofa and thought for a long time, no matter how he thought about it, he felt that the child could not be his own.

Because he and Avery were together almost every day.

If he spent the night outside because of a business trip, he would also make video calls with Avery at night.

Besides, he had never met a second woman who made his heart flutter. He had never slept with any other woman. How could he have an illegitimate child?

“Dad! Don’t you feel slapped when you say this?” Layla gasped, “That child clearly looks the same as you! Didn’t you pay attention to that child?”

Elliot: “??? “

The child looked like me?

I really didn’t see it!


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