Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2918 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2918 By verygoodnovel-This was the first time she had faced such a situation since returning to Foster’s house.

She felt that something serious had happened, otherwise her parents, brother and sister would not be like this.

“Hazel, come here.” Layla spoke first.

“Oh.” Hazel put her schoolbag aside, and obediently walked towards Layla.

“Let me tell Hazel!” Elliot didn’t want Hazel to misunderstand him, so he wanted to explain the situation himself, hoping that Hazel would not cry like Robert just now.

Seeing the child suffering from this incident, Elliot blamed himself very much.

“Okay! Tell me.” Layla’s tone was a little cold.

Hazel heard it.

It seemed that there was something wrong with her father, otherwise her sister would not have this attitude.

“Hazel, it’s like this. Someone sent a child over today and said it was mine. But I dare to swear to God, I have never found any woman except your mother. That child is definitely not mine.” Elliot Swearing for the second time today.

Hazel was started by the huge amount of information and looked around, not knowing what to do.

What Dad said was very sincere, but she didn’t know if what Dad said was true.

She dared not make decisions on her own because she was the youngest child in the family and instead was curious to see how her mother and older brothers and sisters would respond.

“Isn’t it possible to do a paternity test?” Hazel asked in a low voice.

Elliot: “Well. I’ve already called someone to take a sample. The results will come out within three days.” Elliot said, “Before the results come out, I hope you won’t be too cruel to me. If the results come out, I have nothing to do with that child, how can you comfort my broken heart?”

Elliot was hit hard today.

In the previous few decades, there had not been as many blows as there were now.

Hazel felt that what her father said made sense, so she nodded.

“Little sister, you are too soft-hearted. Go and see that child, and you will know that the child must belong to our family.” Layla couldn’t help herself to peek at the child several times.

She became more certain that the child belonged to the Foster family each time she looked at the child.

“Oh…the child is at our house now?” Hazel couldn’t believe it.

“I’ll take you to see it.” Layla stood up from the sofa and took Hazel to the maid’s room on the first floor.

The little milk baby was eating milk when the two sisters entered the maid’s room.

“He’s so small!” Hazel was shocked, “How old is he?”

Layla shook her head. “Mom said he looked like a newborn.”

“Who is the child’s mother? The child must have a mother!” Hazel walked to the bed and stared at the nursing baby carefully.

Because the child was eating milk, Hazel couldn’t see the child’s facial features very clearly.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter who the child’s mother is, what matters is whether the child belongs to the father or not.” Layla had a headache for a day because of this incident, “Little sister, if the parents divorce, who will you marry? By the way, Dad has signed an agreement that if the child is his, he will leave the house.”

“If the child belongs to the father, then the father’s behavior is really too much. It cannot be forgiven at all. I am definitely on the mother’s side.”

Receiving the answer from her sister, Layla nodded.

“At first, I wanted him to tell the truth, but no matter what he said, he denied that the child was his. So now we can only wait for the result.” Layla said helplessly.

“Then wait for the result first! Sister, don’t be too sad. I don’t think Dad is like a liar. If he wants to hide things a little bit, he is fully capable of doing it.” Hazel didn’t want to allow things to spiral out of control.

Layla: “Although what you said has some truth, many things sometimes do not develop according to normal thinking. Just like the bosses of two big companies fought at the food stall a while ago, isn’t this unbelievable?”

Hazel nodded.

“The child is finished eating.” Layla caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of her eye, and she showed him to Layla.

Hazel looked at the child.

It just so happened that the child also looked at her.


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