Return Of The God Of War Chapter 272

Chapter 272

It turned out that the Lopez family had been keeping a close watch on Zoey’s activities.

Harry and the others were against the idea of Zoey breaking off relations with the Lopez family.

Therefore, they were one step ahead when they learned that Zoey was going to rent this office building.

The poor lady was dumbstruck when she saw the agreement in Shaun’s hands.

She quickly got on the elevator with Levi and came to the office of the person-in-charge of Elysium Plaza.

“Ms. Lopez, you’re here!” Barney Geller, the person responsible for the negotiation of the contract, greeted her warmly.

“I’m here to sign the contract, Mr. Geller.” said Zoey. “We were on the phone, remember? I’m renting Block B for five years at thirty million.”

Barney looked confused. “Didn’t the Lopez family just sign the contract, Ms. Lopez? They said they had already discussed with you and even paid the remaining ten million.”

Zoey and Levi exchanged glances and immediately thought of Henry and Shaun.

“Mr. Henry signed the contract on behalf of the Lopez family.” Barney said, handing over the contract to Zoey.

Zoey’s expression took on a drastic change after reading the contract.

The Lopez family was too evil.

The five-year tenancy agreement was signed in Zoey’s name, but the purpose was for the Lopez Group to use it as an office building.

In another word, the Lopez family would be using the office building that Zoey had paid for.

How dirty!

As Zoey had negotiated the contract in her name personally and paid twenty million in advance, the Lopez family could get away with just ten million.

Zoey was on the verge of tears.

How could they be so cruel?

Aaron and Caitlyn too, were infuriated when they learned about it.

But they had no other choice unless they cut all ties with Harry.

“He doesn’t think of me as his son at all! He’s always been biased toward my brothers and never helped me.” Aaron was furious beyond words.

The next day, Lopez Group moved in to the new office.

Harry and the others’ faces were glowing.

Moving to a new office for just ten million was a great deal!

But Zoey could only watch helplessly.

“Zoey, you’ve made another contribution to the family! I’m so happy for you.” Henry chuckled.

“You did great, Zoey!” Harry added. “I’m very happy. I will commend you at the annual meeting.”

“I heard that you want to move to a new office building as well, Zoey. Is that so?” Shaun laughed. “What a bummer! Elysium Plaza is fully occupied!”

Zoey balled her fist tightly.

Not only did the Lopez family trick her, but they also even came to humiliate her!

“Imperial Meadows Limited’s office building is pretty nice, Zoey. You don’t need to change. Besides, it’s uncertain that you can move in even if you’ve signed the contract.” Fabian laughed.


Harry and the others cracked up.

Of course Zoey understood that that was a threat.

The Lopez family was set on preventing her from setting up a new company.

No matter how much effort she put in into looking for an office building, her company could never move in.

For a moment, Zoey was aggrieved and felt very weepy.

She cared so much for the Lopez family, but they didn’t take her seriously at all.

It was absolutely impossible for her to establish a new company unless she severed all ties with them.

“Leave it to me, honey.” Said Levi, who was standing next to Zoey. “Just go back and get ready to move in to a new office tomorrow morning.”

“Huh? For real?” Zoey looked at Levi in disbelief.

“Nothing will go wrong if you listen to me.”

After leaving Elysium Plaza, Levi went to look for Chloe.


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