Return Of The God Of War Chapter 281

Chapter 281

The stinging slap across the face jolted Mandy.

She covered her face and looked at Corey incredulously. “Mr. Stone, how have I offended you?”

Corey gave her another tight slap across the head. “You stupid b*tch, don’t you know what you’ve done wrong?”

“W-What have I done wrong?” Mandy repeated in puzzlement.

Marshall and the others were burning with curiosity as well.

What did we do?

Corey slapped her again.

“I really don’t know what I did wrong, Mr. Stone,” Mandy cried, her face swelling up.

“Do you know about the zillionaire at Audi next door?” Corey asked sternly.

“Yeah, they spent two hundred million at one go,” Mandy, Marshall and the others said.

“Then let me tell you something. This zillionaire had gone to our store first!” Corey shouted madly.


Mandy and Marshall’s faces fell.

“Huh? The zillionaire really came to our store? Then why didn’t he purchase anything?” Mandy and Marshall asked.

“Why? Aren’t you guys at fault for this? How is he going to buy a car if you guys didn’t allow him to enter?”

“Yeah, I also heard that this zillionaire was kicked out of the Mercedes Benz 4S dealership store! They even called him a poor bastard!”

Hearing that, Mandy and Marshall were dumbstruck with terror.

Surely they had chased away many potential customers in the name of the event today, but they didn’t expect a zillionaire to be among them.

“Fools! I’m going to kill you! Don’t you understand what you did wrong? You’ve ruined me!” Corey roared.

At this moment, there was a hubbub inside the Audi 4S dealership store, with a crowd forming around a man as they walked out.

“Here he is, the zillionaire!” someone shouted, and everyone looked over.

Corey quickly went up and bowed in greeting, catching Levi off guard. “Nice to meet you, Sir! I was wrong! I’ve failed to educate my staff!”

“Mr. Garrison, this is Corey Stone, the God of War Manager of Mercedes Benz,” Jace introduced.

Levi put on a straight face which almost gave Corey a heart attack.

So is this what it feels like to step off on the wrong foot?

“Dear Mr. Garrison, I just found out what happened. It’s my fault for being lax in educating my staff! I didn’t expect to have such unqualified subordinates! Please accept my apologies!” Corey bowed.

Thereupon, he dragged Mandy, Marshall, and the rest to the front.

Levi slowly shifted his gaze to them…

When Mandy and Marshall looked up, they nearly passed out in shock.

It’s Levi Garrison! Levi’s the zillionaire who had bought over two hundred cars at once!

He’s really here to buy a car and our store was his first choice!

But we drove him away…

Where did he get the money to foot a two hundred million bill at once, though?


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