Return Of The God Of War Chapter 290

Chapter 290

Iris stayed in the conference room, rubbing her temples. She was brainstorming solutions with everyone when her phone suddenly rang.

Her face changed dramatically, and her phone almost slipped out of her hand when the call ended.

We’re screwed!

We’re totally screwed!

It turned out that the caller was the manager of the popular star, Wanda, from Everest Entertainment, who was also one of the signed ambassadors.

The manager had called to inform Iris that they would be terminating their contract as well.

Thereafter, her phone rang again.

“Hello, Ms. Anabelle. I’m the manager of Sean Hanks from Everest Entertainment, and we are requesting to terminate our contract with your company.”

“Hello, I’m Lil Jasmine’s manager from King Entertainment and we want to cancel our contract with you.”

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m from Star Media. We would like to dissolve our contract regarding the promotion of your product.”

The calls came one after another.

A total of ten celebrities and influencers that Iris had approached had called to terminate their contracts, including most of the publicity channels.

Some forum websites had also informed that they could only provide recommended advertisement space on classified pages to Morris Group instead of advertisements on their homepages.

Even the newspaper offices had informed that they would no longer publish any news about Morris Group.

After receiving a dozen of phone calls, everyone’s faces were drained of all color and animation. They came near to a breakdown.

They didn’t expect that Lil Lacey’s termination was just the calm before a storm, and that the worst has yet to come.

Things were already bad enough without Lil Lacey as their ambassador, and now that various publicity channels had been cut off, Morris Group was completely finished this time.

No one would show interest, no matter how good the product was, because there was no publicity at all. How on earth were they going to sell their products if no one knew anything about them?

“We’ve underestimated Lil Lacey’s power in North Hampton. Offending her is equivalent to offending the whole entertainment industry. No one will sign with us ever again!”

Iris drew in a deep breath.

“It’s all Levi’s fault! Why the hell did he mess with Lil Lacey? Is she someone he can afford to mess with?” Georgia, Iris’s assistant, said coldly.

“Yeah, it’s all Levi’s fault! Everything is ruined now!”

“I know, right? All the products can’t be shipped off now!”

Everyone regarded Levi as the sinner of the company.

Right then, Levi swaggered into the conference room, smiling, “What are you guys worried about?”

“What do you think we’re worried about? All the ambassadors have terminated their contracts and almost every publicity channel has been cut off! What are we going to do with our products?” one senior executive shouted.

“I’ve told you that those people that you hired are not suitable. It wouldn’t be effective to hire them,” Levi replied. “You guys don’t understand who our real target audience is!”

Iris sprang to her feet. “How could you say that at this point in time, Levi?”

“Our original plan was to start promoting tomorrow and officially launch the products three days later. Who are we going to sell them to now?” Iris yelled.

“Don’t worry. Everything will turn out for the best! It will sell like crazy by then,” Levi said.

“Get out of here! Now! I don’t want to see you for a while,” Iris barked.

How she wished she could fire him right then and there!

But she couldn’t say much for the sake of Isaiah.

Levi was really on a downer.

Is she really chasing me away from my own company?

Fine, I’ll just let this slide until her anger subsides.


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