Return Of The God Of War Chapter 308

Chapter 308

“What did you say, old man? I dare you to repeat yourself!” Andy was infuriated. “Do you know who we are? My grandpa is the most formidable person in North Hampton. He’s nicknamed the God of War! You should consider it an honor, for us to bring you here!”

“That’s right! My father is Liam Macy. I am Nathan Macy. Our family is rather powerful in North Hampton. Although we are living a secluded life now, my father used to rule North Hampton’s underworld in the past!” Nathan announced with a smile.

Nathan’s humble pretense in his speech did not dampen his insolence.

Benny looked at the pair of father and son in disdain. Can your family’s background match up with my close friend, the God of War?

“Don’t worry, Mr. Quinton. We will send you back to the hospital after you are done with my father’s treatment. Not only will you receive a large amount of reward, but you will also be considered as the Macy’s family’s friend!” Nathan reassured.

Others would have been shocked to their cores by Nathan’s offer because countless people had tried all that they could, to befriend the Macy family.

Despite Liam’s current secluded lifestyle, plenty of influential figures would visit him every day.

They were putting forth their best efforts to be acquainted with him.

Unfortunately, only a selected few had truly befriended the Macy family.

Benny shook his head again. “I do not need that many friends. You should bring me back as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Macy family will be in deep trouble.”

Nathan and Andy exchanged glances after receiving Benny’s advice. Then, both of them laughed aloud.

There were three untouchable forces in North Hampton.

The wealthiest man, Winston Gonzales, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, and the God of War, Liam Macy.

It was an impossible task for anyone to defeat these three powerful forces.

“Oh? Are you a fortune teller, Mr. Quinton? When will trouble befall our family?” Liam croaked. He crossed his hands behind his back and walked up to Benny slowly.

Liam shared the appearance of an ordinary man. But he exuded a domineering and impressive aura from his body.

Benny felt Liam’s overwhelming presence at once.

Benny had met with people from all walks of life. He was certain that Liam’s imposing manner was one of the most spectacular he had ever witnessed.

“I respect you, Mr. Quinton. I’d wanted to send you back to the hospital because I did not want to cause anyone any inconvenience. But I am intrigued by what you have just said. I do wonder, who has the capabilities to inflict trouble on the Macy family?” Liam questioned coldly.

Benny persuaded him, “I advise you to send me back at once. Otherwise, you will invite trouble to yourselves. Some things are beyond my control.”

“Hahaha… I heard that no one has ever successfully invited you to any event or gathering. I shall be the first person to achieve this accomplishment! Let’s see how long I can make you stay in my house!” Liam was uncompromising.

He wanted to take the risk of going against Benny’s advice.

Nathan and Andy wore smug expressions on their faces.

Members of the Macy family were overbearing. They did as they pleased and disregarded all the rules whenever they had yearned, for things to go their way.

They did not care about the Gonzales family or the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The Macy family was the family that had caused the most problems to arise for Jesse Nielsen because of their extensive influence and volatile nature, unlike the relatively docile Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Any unpredictable move from the Macy family would be disastrous to North Hampton, yet there was no way to restrain them.

Benny smiled. “Then we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

Right then, the news of the incident that had happened in the hospital spread like wildfire in North Hampton.

Some people had abducted Benny Quinton from City First Hospital and had even beaten up over a dozen hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, and security guards.

All the citizens were enraged by the news.

Everyone in North Hampton began searching for Benny’s whereabouts.

The Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were utilizing all of their connections to locate Benny as well because that was a golden opportunity for them.

Anyone who could rescue Benny Quinton would become acquainted with him, receiving endless bouts of benefits from that mere connection.


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