Return Of The God Of War Chapter 325

Chapter 325

How strong could Silas be?

Elated, Silas swept his gaze across the crowd. “Is this how Erudians fight? What a load of crap. Compared to Daxia’s Taekwondo, it’s nothing but trash!”

“Erudian wrestling is trash! I’ve heard that Kyle was an expert in wrestling, but he is useless!”

“That’s right! Erudian wrestling seems exceptional in movies, but is actually useless in reality!”

The Taekwondo Club’s members mocked continuously.

Silas snickered, “Erudian wrestling is trash! Today, I, Silas, welcome anyone who disagrees to fight me. There are no rules, so if you’re hurt, it has nothing to do with me. This applies the other way around, as well.”

The crowd fell silent, and no one dared to look at him.

Smiling, Silas declared, “No one wants to take up my challenge? Does no one dare to prove your Erudian wrestling? What a bunch of losers.”

He taunted the Erudians mercilessly before their faces.

Who on earth could bear with that?

However, everyone was helpless.

Even Kyle, who was an expert, was defeated, let alone, what would befall the rest of them?

Those who dared to accept his challenge were seeking death.

Right then, everyone who met Silas’s vicious grin hurriedly lowered their heads in shock.

“Hahaha! No one in Erudia is going to prove that Erudian wrestling works? How disappointing. Your country is declining!”

To show off in front of Abigail, Silas had blatantly provoked the entire country.

In a small voice, Abigail asked, “Levi, is he that good?”

Levi replied with a smile. “He’s nothing but an ant.”

Five years ago, Levi had encountered many men like this on the battlefield.

The Daxian soldiers were the worst of them all.

Right then, Silas turned his sharp gaze to Levi. “What’s wrong? Do you want to challenge me?”

As Levi was standing beside Abigail, he had wanted to teach him a lesson from the very beginning.

Levi said nothing as he walked towards Silias.

The young man was thrilled. “Haha! Great! Finally, someone is willing to challenge me!”

As he stared at Levi, who was making his way over, dozens of ways to torture Levi appeared in his mind.

Soon, I’ll show Abigail what a real man is like!

In a blink of an eye, Levi was less than five meters away from Silas.

Levi extended his right fist.

“Trash. What an idiot,” Silas scoffed.

To him, Levi’s punch was full of flaws.

He reached out to block the punch instinctively.

However, the moment he touched Levi, his expression changed drastically.

Levi’s fist was faster than he had expected and was growing bigger in his eyes.

The forceful punch landed on Silas’ face as he flew back like a string less kite.

A gush of blood flew through the air, along with several of his teeth.

The punch threw him dozens of meters away. Silas crashed through two trees before he finally collapsed to the ground.

“Ugh…” Silas yelled in agony, as he rolled on the ground in pain.

“Young man, you can’t insult Erudian wrestling,” Levi reprimanded him before leaving with Abigail.

Silence ensued.

No one had expected that the devil incarnate, Silas would end up in such a situation.

Levi had simply punched him once, but he had ended up badly hurt.

Now, it seemed like Taekwondo was trashed instead!

The news spread like wildfire.

Right then, in Zoey’s new company at Union Square.

Zoey was discussing her collaboration with Darren.

After gaining a foothold in North Hampton, Darren surveyed the market, before realizing that Zoey’s company had huge potential and would be the perfect partner for him.


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