Return Of The God Of War Chapter 349

Chapter 349

“Levi Garrison!”

“What? You’re Levi Garrison?” The shock he was feeling bled into his voice.

Speak of the devil indeed.

“W-what did you do to Louis?”

“I already told you. I crippled him,” Levi said with a chuckle.

Just then, one of Phineas’s men came hurrying over with a box. “Mr. Robinson, somebody sent this to you.”

Curious, he ordered, “What is it? Open it!”

When he saw the bloody contents of the box, he turned as white as a sheet.

“This is…”

Levi’s voice spoke up from the phone, “Louis’ manhood, of course.”

Sucking in a breath, Phineas felt sick. “Garrison, you sick man!”

Levi laughed before saying, “He couldn’t control his lower body, so I took the liberty of controlling it for him.”

A thought occurred to Phineas, and he questioned, “Does this mean Iris’ secrets are with you now?”

“Yup. You should give up on trying to buy over Morris Group.”

“Damn you, what the hell does this have to do with you? You’re just an insignificant staff member!”

Phineas was infuriated. Things had been going so well until that damned Garrison had come along to mess it up!

“You went after my wife’s best friend. Enough said. Besides, I’m a part of this company too! Who do you think got them all those medical supplies?”

A look of confusion descended on Phineas’ face. “What? I was wondering how Morris Group managed to obtain all those technologies. It was you!”

In the next instant, he understood.

It was not Neil Rhodes who had dipped his finger in the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s pie, nor was it the mysterious boss of Morris Group.

It was Levi Garrison!

He had somehow gotten his hands on all those technologies!

This guy has to die!

“I’ll say this again. You better not have any ideas about Morris Group!” Levi warned.

“Fine! I’ll admit defeat this time. But this isn’t the end of this matter!”

After Phineas hung up, he knitted his brows deeply.

There was no way he could let Levi go just like that.

But with the appointment ceremony coming up, this would be a bad time for the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce to be involved in any shady business.

“That’s right! Wesley!”

That night, he rushed to meet with Wesley.

“Wesley, I know you said you were only here to find out more information on Levi Garrison, but I think you should just get rid of them once and for all. That way, you could take credit for their deaths. I’m sure Mr. Lopez will be incredibly grateful to you for that!” Phineas suggested.

Wesley’s eyes gleamed. Although Sebastian Lopez was not the head of the Lopez family, his words still carried a lot of weight. Other than the head of the family, he did not respect anyone else.

If he, Wesley, really did resolve this matter, then Mr. Lopez would definitely hold him in high regard. When that happened, the chances of him becoming the man’s heir would be very high.

“You have any ideas, Phineas?” he asked.

Phineas chuckled slyly. “I’m sure you’ve heard about what’s been going on with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce recently, so you should also know that now is a bad time for us to do anything. I can lend you my men to deal with Garrison.”

Still uncertain, Wesley asked worriedly, “But they must be pretty strong if they can kill Lane.”

“Relax! The men I’m loaning you are all top-notch fighters. The Robinson family went to great lengths and spent a lot of money on cultivating these killers.

All thirty of them have been raised since young to be the perfect killers and have learned all kinds of fighting skills. I bet you even the elites of the military are no match for them!”

“These men are stone-cold killers. As long as you pay them, they’ll be willing to kill anyone you want! Nueve and Trey are nothing compared to them!”


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