Return Of The God Of War Chapter 433

Chapter 433

It’s normal for enemies to want to finish off each other upon meeting. Zachary couldn’t help but want to kill Levi on sight.

With a deep frown on his face, Levi asked, “Who are you? Have we met?”

“I’m Zachary of the Suarez family. Zayn Suarez is my brother.”

Levi nodded. “Oh, that cripple!”


The moment he heard of the way Levi referred his brother, Zachary’s anger flared up.

“You should have stayed in South City. What are you doing here in North Hampton? Are you asking to be killed here?” Levi asked.

Zachary laughed coldly. “Don’t go thinking you’re safe with the Morris Group behind you. I’m warning you, the Suarez family is not going to stop until we’ve conquered a good part of North Hampton! You’d better sign the contract before you regret it.”

“Just screw off already.” Levi shoved Zachary away.

“You asked for it!”

Zachary’s subordinates started moving toward Levi.

Zachary stopped them.

“There’s no need for that.”

Zachary smiled at Zoey and asked, “Ms. Lopez, I hope you’ve thought about this properly. You’ll regret it if you make the wrong move.”

“I told you to leave, didn’t I?” Levi yelled.

“Okay, okay. Just you wait and see.” Zachary smiled menacingly.

“Mr. Suarez, why didn’t you just get rid of that guy?” After they exited the area, Will Brown asked Zachary in confusion. Will was the strongest fighter on Zachary’s team.

Zachary looked pissed. “You think I didn’t want to? That man has the Morris Group backing him up. Even Sebastian Lopez faced a hard time with them.”

“Then, what should we do? Just take it?” Will said in anger.

Zachary, on the other hand, smirked mysteriously. “Of course not! We’ll settle the Oriental Star Group first.”

“What about Levi Garrison?” Will Brown asked.

“I heard about Sebastian Lopez wanting to make a comeback.”

“Huh? Even the Black and White Guards suffered greatly. What could Sebastian do?”

Zachary smirked. “It will be a whole different story when Sebastian managed to call on him.”

“Him? Wait… could it be?”

Will suddenly looked terrified at the thought of someone and inhaled sharply.

“Sebastian Lopez is truly putting in his all. How’d he manage to call upon someone who’s been in hiding for the past thirty years?!”

The others were just as amazed.

“That’s right! That’s the real boss of Erudia and the one Sebastian is scared of the most.”

“The Morris Group is really something. They managed to drag him out of hiding,” Zachary said.

Will figured something out and smiled. “Mr. Suarez, you’re waiting for Sebastian Lopez and that man to get rid of the Morris Group before getting rid of Levi, right?”

“Yes. Without the Morris Group behind his back, how is Levi going to act all high and mighty?”

In South City, there was a small, rundown temple in the corner of Mount Amethyst.

Anyone in the upper class of South City knew that this temple was off-limits. That was because it was the home to the most terrifying figure in South City, and even all of Erudia.

He had once ruled over Erudia.

Thirty years ago, he retreated back here and became a vegetarian. Apart from that, he started reciting Buddhist mantras everyday.

Highly skilled professionals surrounded the temple and no one was allowed to go near it.

However, today, the Lopez family approached the temple.

Sebastian knelt in front of the temple personally, waiting for him to appear.

“Sir, the Lopez family is in trouble. Quentin Lane has been killed; Wesley Lane and James Lane have been crippled, and the Black and White Guards have been spliced into pieces. I, Sebastian Lopez, beg you to get rid of them. In exchange, I will give everything I have.”

Sebastian begged with all his sincerity and kowtowed three times.

Everyone present at the temple instantly held their breaths at that sentence. They stared at Sebastian in disbelief. What could possibly have pushed Sebastian to make such a daring exchange? He was even willing to give up his fortune in order to beat this mysterious person, or force. Sebastian continued kneeling as he waited for an answer to come from within the temple.

Finally, after about ten minutes, the rundown wooden door of the temple creaked open


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