Return Of The God Of War Chapter 457

Chapter 457

Sebastian was excited when they arrived at North Hampton.

Zachary and his friends, who had received the news of their arrival beforehand, waited for them at the highway.

“Mr. Yates, Sebastian, we are being oppressed by them ever since we came from South City! The people in North Hampton kept bullying us because we didn’t have anyone around, so it’s great now that you’re here! They can go screw themselves!” Zachary said.

Everyone started to exaggerate about what happened to them during their stay in North Hampton, and that infuriated Sebastian and Fernand.

On the surface, Fernand seemed poised and methodical, just like a sly fox. However, he was actually a ruffian!

He had committed a lot of crimes and was cocky and arrogant.

He just never showed that side of himself because Scott loomed over him at all times.

Now that he came to North Hampton and no one was here to control him anymore, he wanted to unleash his wild side.

“Hmph! Underestimating the South City? They’re digging their own graves!” Fernand exclaimed furiously.

“Mr. Yates, what should we do next?” Sebastian asked.

“Didn’t the Rogers family publicly support the Morris Group? We’ll go to the Rogers family’s residences in that case!”

A menacing glint flashed in Fernand’s eyes.

Meanwhile, in the Rogers family’s house.

The Rogers family was having dinner together.

The Rogers family’s wealth had boomed lately; their assets had already exceeded a hundred billion in value.

Even though they were just taking care of the money on behalf of Levi, they were still overjoyed by it.

A loud bang could suddenly be heard as the dining room’s door was kicked open.

A large horde of men barged inside with menacing expressions on their faces.

Glenn Rogers recognized a few of them. Sebastian and Simon among the others.

However, Sebastian wasn’t the main character today.

They stood aside as a young man stepped forward.

The young man looked docile and polite, yet the three people standing behind him were terrifying.

Golem was two meters tall; he towered over everyone and everything.

Moreover, Bones was emaciated to the point where his bones could be seen. His face was deathly pale.

Titan’s bald head was shiny, and he had a murderous expression on his face.

The three of them had an oppressing aura, and the atmosphere was suddenly suffocating to everyone.

Glenn knew Sebastian would never forgive him. That prospect seemed even more unlikely now.

“Glenn Rogers, let me introduce them to you. This is the stepson of Scott Yates from the South City, Fernand Yates!” Sebastian grinned.

“Scott Yates?” Glenn gaped in shock.

Isn’t that the person rumored to oppress the entire South City area?

Scott Yates!

The most powerful figure in Erudia!

Even people as powerful as Sebastian need to show that man respect.

“Hm? Didn’t you say he’s retired for thirty years already?” Glenn asked.

Fernand smiled. “Thanks to the Morris Group, my stepfather came out of his retirement.”

“What? He came out of his retirement?” Glenn was so shocked he almost shrieked.

“Yeah! My stepfather said the Morris Group should be exterminated!”

Fernand then approached the dining table, sat down and smiled, “It looks delicious! Make me an extra portion!”

He was being cocky and rude.

One of the younger people from the Rogers family snorted. “Get up! Who do you think you are? How dare you come to the Rogers family’s territory and make a scene! Are you looking for trouble?”

The Rogers family have been doing very well lately, and they were a powerful presence in North Hampton.

That was why they looked down on everyone, especially people who taunted them.

Glenn was about to warn him, but it was already too late.

Of course he doesn’t know who Scott Yates is!

Fernand didn’t speak. Instead, he just glared at Franklin Rogers.

“What are you staring at? Are you gonna beat me up?” Franklin shouted angrily.

In the next moment, Titan suddenly swung a punch at Franklin’s head.


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