Return Of The God Of War Chapter 465

Chapter 465

He had served under Scott for fifty years, so he resembled Scott in demeanor and personality. Theo was never this anxious before, which meant that they were in very big trouble!

Scott stood up and asked, “Theo, what happened?”

“Master, just take a look for yourself… I-I don’t know how to say this…” Theo wiped his tears away.

Scott soon realized something terrible must’ve happened, so he rushed out the door.

A lot of South City’s powerful figures crowded in the opening in the middle of the manor.

Corpses were placed in the opening, and they were covered with white cloths.

“What happened?”

Everyone automatically made way for Scott when he arrived.

“Sir, please be strong!” The head of the Suarez family and the Lopez family said while they sobbed uncontrollably.

Scott shut his eyes helplessly when he heard that.

His body trembled, and his outstretched hands hovered around the cloth, reluctant to uncover it.

Typhoon, who stood behind him, stepped forwards and uncovered all seven corpses.

The corpses of Fernand, the three Mighty God of Wars, Sebastian, and Zachary were revealed.

The Suarez family and the Lopez family had already wept for quite some time, but that wasn’t the case for Scott.

Scott felt as if his head were about to explode when he saw the body of his stepson’s and his subordinates.

He broke down completely at that moment.

That was the saddest day in the fifty years of his life.

He hadn’t killed anyone for thirty years already, but now a ping of bloodlust struck him.

When Typhoon saw his three partners’ bodies, he squinted and exuded an overwhelming menacing aura.

Everyone could feel the temperature dropping sharply, and they unwittingly shuddered. Everyone knew something terrible was about to happen! From this day onwards, peace will not visit Erudia again. Even God can’t save the people who did this to Scott!

Scott never expected that the three Mighty God of Wars, along with his beloved stepson, to die.

Scott didn’t have any children, and his best friend had died to save Fernand, so Scott had always treated Fernand like his own son.

His heart ached now that Fernand was dead.

“My brother, I couldn’t protect your son! It’s all my fault!” Scott screamed to the heavens.

“Master, what should we do now? You need to take charge. If not, the Morris Group will rule Erudia!”

Scott bellowed in rage, “Theo, tell this to everyone. Prepare the funerals in three days because I want to send my son and my brothers off with honor! I want everyone in Erudia to know about this funeral!”

“Understood, Master!”

“Secondly, gather all our former subordinates and reinstate them in three days! Thirdly, inform my twenty-four disciples to come to South City with all their men!”

Everyone shuddered when they heard Scott’s commands.

There were thirteen major cities in Erudia, and all except North Hampton were under Scott’s rule.

The remaining twelve cities were ruled by Scott’s former subordinates or disciples, but they had gone on their own ways since his retirement thirty years ago.

Despite that, Scott commanded them to gather within three days to head towards North Hampton and ravage the Morris Group.

No one could imagine what kind of chaos would unfold, but they knew Morris Group was doomed for sure!


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