Return Of The God Of War Chapter

Chapter 367

“Zoey is the one who had your money! Find her if you must but it has nothing to do with us!” yelled Shaun angrily.

“What nonsense is this? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Ms. Lopez has nothing to do with the company anymore!”

“That’s right! Ms. Lopez has already been disowned by the Lopez Group. How could she be a part of this?”

“We won’t leave until we receive what we were owed!”

The workers were starting to be unreasonable.

“You are trespassing on private property. Get out of my sight or I’ll have the cops arrest you!” warned Shaun.

“Even better. I’ll have them know that our wages are due!”

The contractors did not seem to mind at all.

“Fine, I’ll do just that!”

Shaun believed that the contractors were only putting on a facade.

“Wait! Don’t be rash and think this through. Should you get the police involved, things might just blow out of proportion. Wouldn’t it be bad if the media finds out about this?” said Fabian as he attempted to stop Shaun.

Shaun came to his senses immediately.

Indeed. If such a scandal were to reach the ears of the media, the Lopez Group would be in deep trouble.

“Then what should we do?” asked Shaun.

“Settle it!” said Fabian unambiguously.

“But uncle…”

Shaun was unwilling to give these people money, especially not on behalf of Zoey.

“My word is final,” responded Fabian coldly.

Shaun, Melanie and the CFO of the company wasted no time in auditing the accounts.

There were a total of seven contractors, they would have to fork out at least 5.7 million this month.

It wasn’t until both parties had agreed to settle things cordially that the contractors finally left with their workers.

The Lopez family could finally take a breather.

More than five million gone in the blink of an eye.

Oh, how much it hurt!

The main thing was that this wasn’t a business investment, so they wouldn’t be able to get a single cent out of it.

The Lopez family slumped helplessly on the floor, drenched in cold sweat ever since this morning.

This was the biggest predicament they have ever faced.

A debt of five hundred million!

Even if they had Harry sold, would they even be able to pay off this debt?

How did things turn out this way?

They just couldn’t fathom what happened.

“How did this happen? Are you guys stupid? Why didn’t you investigate Zoey’s company beforehand?” yelled Harry.

“Well…The Imperial Meadows appeared to be doing great. They had a few billions of highly liquid assets and some big-name investors backing them up. There was no doubt that the company had a bright future ahead,” whimpered Shaun.

“How would you explain this then?” asked Harry.

Everyone had their heads lowered, no one seemed to have an apparent answer to that question.

They did not expect this to happen at all!

“So what are we going to do now?” Harry shouted.

“I knew it, this is the doing of Zoey! Ten billion in exchange for Levi’s life, it isn’t that hard of a choice for her to make, is it?”

“That’s right, knowing how despicable this little harlot is, she would definitely have made that choice! In order to climb the ranks of society, she was even willing to sleep with countless older men!”

“If she were given the choice between Levi and five million, she would have undoubtedly chosen the latter. Not to mention this is ten billion that we are talking about right now. It is definitely intentional!”

As Shaun and Melanie were busy badmouthing Zoey, Harry’s eyes gleamed and appeared to be in dismay.

“Are you saying that Zoey was searching for a scapegoat as she could no longer keep up with the operations of the company, and we just so happened to be there?”

“That is certainly the case! A wicked woman like her would be all too glad to witness our downfall!”

“I swear I’m going to kill this harlot!”

Harry was seething with anger.

“Zoey you little b*tch! You tricked me?”

At this moment, the Lopez family were all sold with the idea that Zoey was having them clean up her mess.

Chapter 389

The next day.

The Lopez family’s fleet of cars marched proudly to Oriental Star Group.

“Excuse me, do you have a reservation?” asked the receptionist immediately when she saw the group of people coming.

“I am here to talk to Zoey Lopez!” scoffed Dustin, who was leading the way.

“Oh, you’re here for Ms. Lopez? Have you made an appointment? Ms. Lopez just joined us, so she is extremely busy now,” replied the receptionist with a smile.

They had seen Zoey clocking in before 7 a.m. that day.

Dustin scoffed, “As if I need an appointment to talk to her?”

“Wait, sir. You must call ahead if you want to talk to Ms. Lopez. I just looked into the system. Ms. Lopez doesn’t have any appointments with anyone today. Please do leave,” the receptionist said politely.

Dustin suddenly slapped the receptionist.

That slap was so hard that the receptionist fell onto the floor and teared up…

Everyone was surprised.

No one thought Dustin would be that cruel.

“Security. Someone call security!”

Some spectators shouted instantly.

A group of security guards showed up soon after.

“Who’s the troublemaker?”

Dustin scoffed and instructed, “Take them down.”

The four muscular men standing behind him attacked.

Moments later, over twenty security guards were lying on the floor and groaning in pain.

Harry and the others were delighted to see that sight.

The Lopez family from South City truly was something else.

They were too cool!

They were so powerful that they didn’t need to care about anything!

Dustin demanded cruelly, “Have Zoey Lopez come see me right away!”

More and more people gathered around the living room, and they stared at Dustin with their guard up.

Everyone saw just how powerful the four men with him were.

The situation became so dire that Zoey was alerted, and she and a few top managers went over.

Zoey’s expression changed when she saw Harry and the others there.

“That’s Zoey! That’s the unfilial woman who has been tarnishing and destroying our family name.”

Shaun and Melanie informed right away.

Dustin’s domineering gaze turned to Zoey. “You’re Zoey Lopez?”

“And you are?” asked Zoey curiously.

Shaun scoffed, “Listen up, Zoey. This is Mr. Dustin Lopez from South City, and by right, you should refer to him as grandpa. However, you are not worthy of doing so!”

“Huh? The Lopez family from South City?”

Zoey’s expression changed, and her eyes shone as she had her guard up.

“Zoey Lopez, you will change your surname today. You are not allowed to keep it because your claim has been revoked!”

Dustin glared evilly at Zoey.

“Excuse me? My surname is revoked?”

Zoey refuted, “Well, it’s true that I have been removed from the family tree, but my name is Zoey Lopez, and no one can change that. The law accepts my name, and the name on my identity card and account will remain as Zoey Lopez!”

“No one can change that!”

Henry and the others stoked the fire by adding, “See? She has always been that unreasonable!”

Zoey’s attitude infuriated Dustin, and he shouted, “This is not up to you! The country has its laws, but the family has rules too! I represent the Lopez family from South City, and I say that you are changing your surname!”

Zoey was angry too, and she insisted, “And I say that it will not happen! My name is Zoey Lopez, and no one can change that!”

“Fine, you forced me to do this. Guys, take her away! She will change her surname one way or another!” commanded Dustin.

The four men who had come with Dustin took Zoey away forcefully.


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