Stop It She’s Remarrying by Stellar Strands Chapter 592

Chapter 592

At noon, they reached home.

Mrs. Whitley and Mrs. Taylor got up and were busy, while Silas had also rushed over.

Conrad looked at the deep meaning in Silas’ eyes, and was worried that he would say something in front of Fia that would make her worried.

He immediately said, “Work matters can be said at work tomorrow.”

Silas opened his mouth and was extremely anxious but could not say the words he wanted to say.

“Then may you and Madam rest well.”


Silas gritted his teeth, walking as he messaged Mr. Maxwell. This was something he had to tell him as soon as possible.

Hearing his phone’s notification, he looked at Fia who was sitting by his side.

He said to Mrs. Whitley, “Please make something Fia likes for supper.”

“Sure!” Mrs. Whitley pushed Mrs. Taylor’s wheelchair an the both of them went to the kitchen together.

Fia’s eyes that were lowered trembled as she turned to look at Conrad.

“Say, who exactly would send such a thing to me?”

Conrad tried very hard to appear calm and tucked in the wild strands of hair by her ear.

“I reckon it is a staff from the hotel that was intentionally causing trouble.”

“Why?” Fia’s gaze was full of worry. “Do you remember the photo that was sent to you?”

Conrad frowned. “Wasn’t that matter clarified? It was a worker who was dissatisfied with the compensation payout and created a series of trouble.”

Fia directly looked at him, shaking her head.

“There’s something you are hiding from me, right?”

Conrad was speechless.

“If he merely wanted more compensation, then he could have kidnapped me and threatened you for money. What is the meaning in intentionally sending you that photo? It was not like he used nudes to threaten you and ask for a silence fee. It was clearly an effort to incite something bad in our relationship!”

As she spoke, her volume increased.

She felt that there was a problem all along. It was just that she did not wish to think about it.

She just passed the matter to him, and let him deal with it.


Today, the dead rabbit was sent to her, and she was unable to continue acting deaf and dumb.

“What exactly are you hiding from me!”

Fia grabbed Conrad’s arm tightly and stared at his face, extremely afraid of missing a single expression.

Conrad had a faint expression from start to end, his gaze containing the gentleness that was exclusively for her.

“Fia, I won’t hurt you.”

“You won’t, but it doesn’t mean that other people won’t!” She was vitriolic. “About the child, was there something wrong with the medicinal components? Is someone doing this intentionally ?!”

Her eyes reddened, as she questioned him like a specter. “Did you provoke a woman? A second Esme?”

Conrad instantly frowned. “Fia, that’s ridiculous.”

“Our marriage of three years has always been peaceful without a problem! It made me almost assume that we would continue the rest of our lives happily! But the moment Esme returned to the country, you brought up divorce and there wasn’t even a single hint before that! Now I can totally imagine whether there is a second person that would make you go crazy over her…”

Her voice broke and she kept her head down, her tears streaming.

She was suddenly full of doubt toward everything, even toward herself.

Could it be that she was wrong?

Perhaps she should not have given them any more chances?

Leave him, go to a place where no one knows her, and live to a ripe old age quietly and peacefully.

Instead of going through wave after wave like this now.

“There’s nothing like that!” Conrad pulled her into his embrace and seeing her tears shining, he got closer to kiss her face.

Fia pushed his face. “Don’t touch me!”

Slap. Conrad received a full forced slap from her.

Everything went quiet for a few seconds, and panic flashed in Fia’s eyes as she looked at the palm print on Conrad’s face.

Conrad exhaled. “It’s fine.”

“I’m hungry. I’ll go see if Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Whitley are done with supper.”

Conrad turned to look at her back, his emotions a mess.

He wanted to live life with her properly, but things just kept popping up non-stop.

Those hands in the background that he could not see, he could not continue to think too much

and wait. Even if he had to shake up Maxwell Corporation, he had to take the initiative to dig up the mastermind!


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