Stop It She’s Remarrying by Stellar Strands Chapter 596

Chapter 596

“Why not? You are about the same age. And you seem to be so alike.” Barbara did not understand why Fia said this.

Fia could not help but think that Barbara, although being quite capable in her career, was a little slow in catching social cues and contexts.

Thus, Fia decided to tell her frankly. “She and I do not see eye to eye. It’s not possible for us to be friends.”

From the moment Britney applied that peach blossom hand moisturizer on her, Fia had a feeling that this friendship was never going to work. From that moment, Fia already felt that something was off about this Britney girl. Then, when she could finally see again, the moment she saw Britney, that hunch that something was fishy about her became even stronger.

It was weird indeed, for Britney seemed to be a really kind and gentle young lady. Yet, her hunch was telling her that something was definitely not right.

“Was it because of Annie?” Barbara was a little upset upon hearing this. “It was Annie who had fallen for Mr. Maxwell, not our little Britney! Mrs. Maxwell, you can’t pin this on Britney just because they know each other!”

Fia stared at Barbara speechlessly. The conversation was going nowhere and, hilariously, it felt as though Barbara thought she had cheated on Britney or something.

Conrad, on the other hand, could not bear to see this go on any longer. He summoned Silas, who was in a meeting, and sent Barbara back to the Foreign Affairs Department.

Silas, still suffering from his migraine from this incident, said, “Madam Barbara, our boss said your judgment is being clouded and you can’t differentiate between business and personal affairs. So, he has given you a week’s leave to cool down.”

Barbara rubbed her temple uncomfortably after thinking about what had happened back there. Her words earlier were indeed rather uncalled for.

“Alright. While I’m away, please look after the Foreign Affairs Department on my behalf, Mr. Silas.” Silas responded coldly, “Madam Barbara, I’m sure you have a sharp mind and understand what this all means. If this happens again, I’m afraid you’ll have to resign.”

Barbara glared at Silas. “Are these your own words, or Mr. Maxwell’s?”

“Is there a difference?” Silas deepened his glare. “Even if you have indeed done a lot for the

company, you have no right to disrespect Mrs. Maxwell like that.

“I don’t think you need me to remind you just how much of a mess your stepdaughter made the last time. Mr. Maxwell didn’t say anything but he knows it all very well!”

Silas was quite strict and forceful with his words when he told Barbara off.

“Madam Barbara, I hope you know how to behave next time. If anything like this were to happen again, I’m afraid not even Mrs. Maxwell can help you talk your way out of it!”

After giving Barbara a piece of his mind, Silas walked away.

Barbara, with tears rolling in her eyes, entered her office.

“Barbara, you went to see Mr. Maxwell? What did you talk about?”

Barbara looked at Britney with a hint of guilt. “Britney, I’ll be taking a week off. Wanna have a vacation with your sister?”

Britney shook her head. “I see. You must have gotten punishment from Mr. Maxwell for offending him on my behalf. Don’t worry. While you’re away, I’ll stay and make sure to see everything is alright.”

Barbara hesitated a few seconds before stepping toward her.

“Britney, how about you return to what you wanted to do? To your old dreams?”

Britney could feel her heart skip a beat. “Barbara, am I being in your way by working here?”

“No. I mean, you followed Peter overseas. You pursued your studies for him. You did so much, all for his sake. So, it’d be best for you to find work that put you close to him.”

“Barbara!” Britney teared up, “After so many years, I’m still nothing to him. I’d rather not center my life around him anymore.”

Barbara sighed. “Silly little Britney… You purposely chose a job that put you far away from Peter… Did you do this so that he’d realize just how good you treat him and have him put you in his thoughts more?”

Britney silently cursed this “sister” of hers a few times while maintaining her pitiful puppy look.

Barbara hugged her sister and comforted her. “It’s okay, Britney. It’s okay. It might be best to stay away from him for a while. If Peter hasn’t realized just how good a lady you are after all these years, going back to work alongside him is just going to waste more of your time.”

“Barbara, you’re the best!”

Before she left for her week’s leave, Barbara briefed Britney on her work. They were not all that difficult to handle. They just required a great deal of caution and patience. On top of that, a lot of her work required direct communication with Conrad.

After seeing her sister off, Britney went back to her desk and had a look at all the assignments left for her.


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