The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1761

Chapter 1761

A cruise ship was already docked at Cansington’s port before sunrise on Monday.

A group of people approached from a distance.

The person in the lead was a woman dressed in black with long black hair. She had an excellent figure and gorgeous looks. In her hand was a long black sword.

She radiated an extraordinary aura.

It was the Great Grandmaster of the whole martial community, Thea.

Following behind her was Thomas.

Several other masked men with long swords also followed behind Thomas.

The Meranian Psychics were right behind them.

Next were Polaris’ Sect’s Archbishop, the Blood Race’s First Blood Emperor, and the Werewolf King.

Last in line were some powerful martial artists- including Sky, Callan, Simon, Bennet, Tanner Davis, Xavi Lee, Donovan, Spirit Master, and Master Maha.

Almost all the well-known powerful martial artists from Sol were present.

Even eighth-ranked grandmasters who had not shown up before joined to slay the dragon.

The group boarded the cruise ship under Thea’s leadership.

A tan-skinned man in a Red Flame robe stood on the ship’s deck.

It was Henry.

The military also provided a cruise ship for them.


Henry walked toward Thea and said, “The weapons have been secretly loaded onto the cruise ship. After I brief you about some important things you need to note, I’ll get off the cruise ship. My strength is

insufficient, and I’ll only be walking into my death if I come along.”

He had no intention of following them and was only in charge of providing them with transport and weapons.

“Alright.” Thea nodded.

Afterward, Henry brought Thea to the armory.

“This is a military cruise ship. Although it’s not as good as an aircraft carrier, it’s good enough to serve your purpose. Some soldiers specialized in launching missiles, and sailing ships are on board. However, please remember they’re soldiers and not sacrifices. I hope you bring them back safely.”

“I will.” Thea nodded earnestly.

She had also trained in the army for a while.

Moreover, James was also a soldier.

She knew that a soldier’s duty was to protect the country.

“Since I’m bringing them with me, I’ll make sure they return alive.”

Henry was relieved after hearing Thea’s guarantee.

After he explained some crucial things Thea had to pay attention to, he got off the cruise ship.

The cruise ship gradually set off.

As the cruise ship departed, a man appeared at the dock. He looked to be about his 30s but had white hair, and his eyes showed a weathered expression.

It was Langston who had come to Cansington.

It was not yet dawn.

When the cruise ship set off, Lanston’s body flickered, and he immediately flew toward the ship in the distance. He zoomed toward it extremely fast and then found a place to hide on the cruise ship.

Meanwhile, James was sitting on a rock on the island and was slightly bored.

He had been on the island for a while, but no one else had appeared except the person who came to challenge Wilbur.

“What’s going on? It’s already been so long. Why hasn’t Sky brought people to slaughter the dragon yet?” James was slightly concerned.

In the beginning, he could spend his time studying Lunar and Terra Art and other martial art techniques. However, he no longer had the mood to study martial art techniques. All his thoughts were on Thea and her safety.

He was oblivious to the fact that Thea had become the Great Grandmaster and was leading the world’s most potent powerhouses to the overseas island.


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