The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1766

Chapter 1766

After Callan stepped forward to greet James, those who knew him and even those unfamiliar with him followed suit.

James had displayed his terrifying strength abroad when he went to the Blood Race’s territory.

Additionally, Thea had recovered her strength.

These two together were invincible.

No one would get away with antagonizing them.

It would not hurt to greet James and get acquainted with him. If anything, it would be extremely beneficial in the future.


James noticed Thomas and called out to him.


Thomas nodded gently and replied with a smile, “I’m glad you’re alive. Keeping yourself alive is more important than anything else.”

James looked at Thea and asked, “You guys are here to slay the dragon, right?”

Thea nodded and said, “Yeah, we’re here to slay the dragon. Its blood can make one immortal. Martial artists from all over the world have gathered together with this purpose in mind. This time, we’re well prepared and have high-tech weapons with us. We’ll bring out the weapons if our strength alone isn’t enough to slay the dragon.”

Since James was still alive, Thea had a change of heart and now was set on slaying the dragon.

She was already immortal and would live thousands of years at the very least.

Meanwhile, James was still just a mortal martial artist..

Although martial artists had longer lifespans, the longest they could live was up to two hundred years. Despite the ninth rank being regarded as Immortality, very few could reach this rank. Those who had done so were only successful when they used the Four Holy Beasts’ blood.

Thus, no one could be certain whether immortality was granted by the Four Holy Beasts’ blood or the ninth rank itself.

To be with James forever, Thea decided to slay the dragon and help James also become immortal. James glanced at the martial artists.

Many were familiar faces, and only a few were strangers to him. However, he could see that those who dared to slaughter the dragon were strong and stood at least at the eighth rank.

“Honey, do you know where the dragon is?” asked Thea.

“I only know the dragon is indeed on this island. I have yet to uncover its precise location.” James shook his head and scanned the surroundings to check if Wilbur had followed him. However, Wilbur was nowhere to be seen.

“Although I don’t know where it is, I know someone who does. Wait a minute. I’ll go look for him.”

James left.

He found Wilbur on a cliff above the Dragon’s Abyss.

Wilbur sat on a rock sullenly.

James walked over and wrote on the ground. “What’s wrong?”

Wilbur regained his senses and replied, “It’s nothing. I’m just a little overwhelmed right now. I’ve lived here for so many years and am slightly uncomfortable with so many people on this island. I don’t want to meet these outsiders.”

At that moment, Wilbur felt conflicted about the situation.

With the arrival of these outsiders, he knew he could finally leave.

But what would happen after he leaves?

He was unsure of his future.

James wrote on the ground. “They’re here to slay the dragon. They have come prepared and will surely be able to take it down. You can reveal the dragon’s whereabouts to me.”

Wilbur naturally knew these people had come for the dragon.

In the past, he also came to the island for the dragon.

However, his whole squad was wiped out.

“Mhm. I’ll take you there.”

Wilbur wrote a few words on the ground, and then he stood up.

James led the way and reunited with Thea and the other martial artists.

Seeing the strange, hairy man, everyone was on guard.

Sky was especially wary of him and took a few steps backward.

He had seen the terrifying strength of this person that could overpower even James. If this strange person were to take action, they would probably suffer severe casualties.

James promptly reassured them. “You don’t have to be on guard. Wilbur is a very kind person. He absorbed some dragon blood, so he can’t let his emotions overcome him. Otherwise, he’ll suffer an Energy Deviation. He can lead the way to the dragon.”

As soon as the dragon was mentioned, everybody’s faces lit up with enthusiasm.

Wilbur remained silent.

He did not speak Solean. So even if he were to speak, no one would understand him.


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