The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1769

Chapter 1769

A powerful aura emanated from the dragon. Despite standing a distance away, Thea still felt suffocated by it, as if a boulder was crushing her. It made it difficult for her to breathe.


Thomas pulled out his weapon.


As Thomas drew his sword, a dazzling Sword Light shot up into the sky.

The Sword Light dispersed the clouds, and the sky was cleared instantly.


Many people looked on in awe as they noticed the sword Thomas was holding.

“The Malignant Sword?”

“It’s the infamous Malignant Sword!”

“I never expected Thomas to have the sword.”

“Is that really the Malignant Sword recorded in history?” Simon exclaimed.

The Malignant Sword was a famous and highly reputable sword recorded in history.

It was the sword of a wretched king of 1,800 years ago. After his death, there were no more records of it in history.

Thomas pulled out the Malignant Sword and pointed it at the cyan dragon in the distance. Then, he shouted, “My fellow martial artists, do you remember why we came here? We’re here to kill the dragon! Now that the dragon is right in front of us, brandish your weapons and slaughter the dragon! We’ll split the dragon’s blood equally, and everyone shall gain immortality together!”

Thomas’ voice rang out.

“Attack!!!” Sky also shouted.

Sky followed suit and drew his sword.

Although his sword was not as famed as Thomas, it was still far from ordinary and shined brightly. Swoosh!

One after another, everyone began to draw their swords.

At that moment, the cyan dragon in the distant sky opened its mouth and spewed out its dragon’s breath. Immediately, the powerful breath swept forward, causing enormous waves to crash and the wind to howl.

However, the crowd was not cowed by the display. They held their weapons and moved against the opposing force.

Thomas charged at the very front, swinging his Malignant Sword to form Sword Energies to resist the strong wind. The others spread out and surrounded the dragon.

Thea walked toward James and tugged him, saying anxiously, “Honey, we mustn’t kill the dragon.” James also did not want to kill the dragon.

As a Solean, he naturally knew the dragon’s legend, and how there was a traditional saying that they were descendants of the dragon.

The dragon was Solean’s spiritual symbol.

However, there was nothing he could do to stop it since things had already come to this.

“Thea, I’m afraid there’s no stopping it this time. Killing the dragon is of the utmost importance. What we have to do next is to reap the benefits after the dragon is slain. After the dragon is killed, there’s no saying how many powerful martial artists will be born.

“These people have their own motives, and to subdue them, we’ll have to be stronger than them.”

Thea’s face was full of reluctance.

The moment she saw the dragon, she had a change of heart.

It felt like she saw her own relative.

At that moment, she felt saddened.

She knew there was no stopping it from happening.

What was left for her to do was just as James’ mentioned-reap the benefits.

Thea looked at James and said, “Honey, I heard from Sir Caden that the dragon’s spoils are all extraordinary. However, the most valuable part isn’t its blood but the Dragon Essence.”

James was taken aback and asked, “What’s Dragon Essence?”

Thea explained, “It’s like the Spirit Turtle’s core, but the Dragon Essence is much more remarkable than the Spirit Turtle’s core. The effect also differs. The Dragon Essence can enhance one’s cultivation base and True Energy. After the dragon is slaughtered, we must join forces to snatch the Dragon’s Essence. We can’t let it fall into other people’s hands.”


At that moment, an intense battle had broken out in the sky.

Many people besieged the dragon, and people swung their swords wildly to unleash fearsome Sword Energies on the dragon.

The Sword Energy attacks slashed against the dragon’s body.

However, the dragon’s scales were tough, and their vital Sword Energies could not even leave a slight scratch on it.

In a short moment, at least thousands of Sword Energy had struck the dragon’s body, but the dragon remained unscathed.

Being besieged by the martial artists, the cyan dragon grew enraged.


The dragon suddenly rushed forward and darted through the sky in James’ direction. Then, it swung its claw at Thomas.

Thomas quickly evaded it.

The dragon’s claw missed its mark.

A terrifying power was left by the strike.

The force destroyed a store wall in the strait below. In an instant, the mountain collapsed, and boulders rolled into the sea.


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