The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1774

Chapter 1774

James knew about the Omniscient Deity and the Prince of Orchid Mountain.

The Omniscient Deity gave Thea qilin blood, and the Prince of Orchid Mountain gave her phoenix blood.

This was enough for James to know that the two of them were immortals who had lived for at least a thousand years. With the addition of the Blood Race’s immortal, quite a few immortals of this world had revealed themselves.

These immortals were all ninth-ranked grandmasters. James was unsure of who the masked man that showed up could be

He watched the battle from a distance

Langston joined the battle. The Primordial Dragon Blade in his hand was a legendary weapon. He appeared in front of the cyan dragon instantly and attacked it rapidly.

The Primordial Dragon Blade plunged into the cyan dragon’s body.


Immediately, blood splattered from its body.

The cyan dragon was furious.

It roared, and terrifying energy erupted from its body, forcing the Primordial Dragon Blade out of its body.

Even a powerhouse like Langston struggled to resist its energy. His body was pushed back, and his Blood Energy churned. His throat felt warm, and blood surged into his mouth.

He forcefully swallowed the blood.

‘Damn it

Langston cursed out in his heart.

The cyan dragon is still so strong despite lacking its tail. I can’t fathom how strong it must’ve been in its prime

Langston was shocked.

He had never fought against a dragon before. He had previously fought the Four Holy Beast’s Spirit Turtle, but the battle ended in failure

After being forced back, Lanston charged at the dragon again. He unleashed a terrifyingly strong sword technique and appeared behind the cyan dragon’s back

He repeatedly swung the sword in his hand.

A series of Sword Energies quickly materialized and slashed the cyan dragon.

Everyone was dazzled by his Sword Energy.

The martial artists retreated to the distance and watched Langston fight the cyan dragon. They were shocked and bewildered by the scene.

“Who’s this person?”

“He’s so strong”

“His sword technique is incredible. I can’t even see his movements clearly.”

The spectators exclaimed.

James watched the fight and heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he murmured, “It’ll be much easier to kill the dragon with the addition of this strong martial artist.”

Langston fought a fierce battle against the cyan dragon

The Primordial Dragon Blade was a fusion of the Primordial Sword and Dragonslayer

The Primordial Sword was specifically forged to kill the phoenix, whereas the Dragonslayer was forged to kill dragons

With two swords fused together, their powers had multiplied, and this single fused sword was invincible. Although the cyan dragon had great defenses, the sword could still pierce its body. The dragon’s body was covered in wounds in just a short moment.

At that moment, Thomas stepped forward and shouted, Fellow martial artists, now’s our chance!”

After shouting, he took the initiative to attack

He appeared behind the dragon and slashed its broken tail with the Malignant Sword

The cyan dragon was furious

The dragon swung its broken tail, and a powerful wave of energy swept at Thomas.

Thomas was slightly careless and was struck by the force. His body plummeted from the sky.


Thomas plunged into the sea and did not resurface.

“Grandpa ”

James shouted

He quickly rushed over and jumped into the sea but could not find Thomas.


James searched the waters for a while, but Thomas was nowhere to be found. With a puzzled look on his face, he murmured, “What’s he trying to do? Could it be that he wanted to use this as a chance to hide so

he could wait for the cyan dragon to be slaughtered and jump out and snatch the spoils?”

James could not find Thomas He started to doubt his grandfather’s intentions.

Soon, he resurfaced.


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