The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1782

Chapter 1782

All the Callahans had eaten the delicious dragon meat.

After consuming it, they felt like a fire was burning within their bodies.

However, the fire did not burn them It simply made them feel as if there was a warm current surging through their bodies. It was very comfortable

It made them feel as if they were ascending to heaven.

Soon, dinner was over

James and Thea returned to their room on the third floor

Thea showered and walked out of the bathroom with a thin towel wrapped around her body. Her body was covered in injuries from the dragon’s claw Fortunately, the wounds had already clotted

She wiped her hair with another towel as she walked over. Seeing James sitting on the bed in a daze, she could not help but ask, “What’s the matter, Honey? What are you thinking about?”

James regained his senses.

“It’s nothing I was just wondering why the Prince of Orchid Mountain and the Omniscient Deity would give you qilin blood and phoenix blood. Also, I can’t seem to understand why Langston did not take the dragon’s spoils for himself. I believe the human’s heart is greedy, and it seems out of the ordinary for him to share the spoils with others”

James paused and continued, “I’m sure the Prince of Orchid Mountain has the strength to suppress all of the ancient martial artists present on the island. However, he did not choose to do so. It’s really unbelievable to me.”

He had been pondering over these doubts

Why would they give Thea the gilin and phoenix blood?

Why did the Prince of Orchid Mountain take the Dragon Essence for himself?

Why would he not want the whole Dragon Essence?

Upon hearing James’ questions, Thea’s expression became grave. She sat down and said. “Yeah, I also couldn’t figure these questions out either. Forget it. We shouldn’t stress about it. It’s getting late. Go wash up and sleep.”

Thea pushed James in the direction of the bathroom

James walked toward the bathroom.

Then, he soaked himself in the bathtub.

He kept pondering over the unsolved questions.

What were the Omniscient Deity and the Prince of Orchid Mountain’s goals?

Why were they helping Thea?

He could not figure it out, so he pushed the thoughts away and finished washing up

Since he had not touched Thea for more than a year, he was slightly excited.

When he came out of the bathroom, Thea was already lying in bed.

She covered her delicate body with a blanket and only exposed her head.

“Come here.”

She stretched out her slender hands and hooked her finger at James

James was a man and could not withstand such temptations. He immediately rushed over to her.

The next day, James woke up early in the morning.

Meanwhile, Thea was still sound asleep in bed.

They had a crazy night

He got up and got dressed.

When he got out of bed, it was only slightly over six in the morning, and the sun had not risen. He walked out to the villa’s yard and breathed in the fresh air, stretching out his body

He sat in a lotus position in the yard and breathed in the fresh air, emptying his mind of thoughts. Then, he began pondering how to break into the ninth rank.

He had tried countless times.

However, he failed every attempt

The Omniscient Deity’s words resounded in his mind

He said the ninth rank could not be achieved through practice but needed one to come to a self- realization.

Initially, he thought the Omniscient Deity was spouting nonsense

Now, he was convinced by his words.

Especially after he discovered that the Omniscient Deity was a powerful martial artist of the ninth rank. “Comprehend?

“How do I comprehend it?

“He said I lacked life experience and needed more understanding in life, which is why I’m unable to step into the ninth rank,” James murmured

He personally thought he had a lot of life experience.

After being in the army for ten years, he had seen it all.

If that was considered insufficient, what would he have to go through to be regarded as someone who had lived a rich life?

Before he knew it, it was already dawn.

The sun slowly rose from the horizon, and a ray of morning glow appeared.

The dark sky was slowly lit up by the sun.

James raised his head and watched the morning glow in the distance.

At that moment, he suddenly had a realization.

“An alternation between black and white. A fusion of Yin and Yang. The heavens and the earth merging

into one.”

This was the Heaven and Earth Art’s cultivation method.

James could not figure out what it meant.

At that moment, he suddenly had a revelation of its meaning.

“The breath of the forenoon.”

James began to comprehend it slowly.

Forenoon meant the daybreak.

Breath meant the morning air.


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