The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788

James caught a glimpse of the sadness that flashed in her eyes.

However, he could only pretend not to notice anything.

He stood up and said, “What do you want for lunch? It’s my treat.”

Quincy took out her phone, checked the time, and said, “I’m afraid I don’t have the time to have lunch with you. I’ve already resigned from my position as the head of New Era Commerce. Xiomara is managing it right now. I’m currently working in Cansington and took a leave to meet up with you after getting your call. So, I’ll have to leave first.”

She raised the dragon blood and said, “Thanks for the dragon blood. Bye.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

She took a few steps and stopped in her tracks. She turned around with a smile and said, “Remember, you still owe me one meal. If we have the chance to… to meet again…”

As Quincy spoke, she choked up and could not finish her sentence.

She wanted to pretend to be fine as if she did not care.

However, she could no longer keep up with her pretense.

At that moment, she cried.

Tears pooled in her eyes.

James could not bear to see Quincy like this and turned away.

“Treat me to a meal if we ever get the chance to meet again.” She finally finished her words.

Then, she walked toward James and embraced him from behind.

“C-Could you give me a hug once?” she asked softly.

James really wanted to return her hug but held back.

He should be firm if he wanted to end the relationship thoroughly.

James did not move, and Quincy immediately knew the answer.

She let go of James and turned around, leaving the private room.

After she left, James heaved a long sigh of relief.

Initially, he had no plans to do this and simply wanted to run away. However, he still chose to end these relationships. It was better to have short-term pain than to prolong it.

It was best for everyone if he ended everything once and for all.

Afterward, James headed to Cynthia’s villa.

Cynthia was alone at home.

For the past year, she had stayed in the villa most of the time. She cultivated when she had nothing to do and studied the cultivation method recorded on the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge.

Since she had a pure yin physique, Cold Energy would continuously be generated within her body,

allowing her to rapidly improve her cultivation base. In just over a year, she had activated all her body’s meridians and entered the fifth rank.


Her doorbell rang.

Cynthia opened her door in her pajamas.

She was overjoyed to see it was James. With joy, she asked, “James, w-what brings you here?”

James was very calm in front of Cynthia since he had no emotional relationship with her. He simply came to say goodbye.


He said with a smile, “Why? Am I not welcome?”

“N-Not at all. Come inside.”

She warmly invited James into the room.

After James entered the house, he took out the dragon blood he had prepared in advance and said, Cynthia, I’ll be leaving. I came to bid farewell to you. I’m thankful for the help the Dawns have given me over the past year. I don’t have anything to give you before I leave. I brought back a lot of dragon blood from the island overseas and wanted to give you some. Dragon blood can make one immortal.”

After he finished speaking, he handed over the dragon blood.

Cynthia knew about the dragon because her teacher was Callan.

Some time ago, Callan had also stayed at her house for a few days to guide her in her training.


She was shocked by James’ gift and exclaimed, “Dragon blood? I-Isn’t this too valuable to be given to me? James smiled and said, “I’ve got a lot.”


With James’ reassurance, Cynthia accepted it.

After accepting it, she asked, “When are you leaving?”

James replied, “Pretty soon. Perhaps in a few more days.”

He was still waiting.

Something had been on his heart for a long time-his family.


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