The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1819

Chapter 1819

James returned to the courtyard.

Upon returning. Thea walked out of her room.

“Darling, I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.” Thea was wearing a pained expression.

“Are you giving birth?” James was delighted.

Thea rolled her eyes and said. “The baby is due in another month. I’m feeling uncomfortable because the baby’s getting restless inside of me.”

James gently placed his hand on her stomach and said, smiling, “Getting a little mischievous, aren’t you? You better behave.”

However, the baby grew even more restless upon hearing James’ words.

“Alright now, stop playing with the baby. I need to rest,” Thea grumbled.

James hurriedly carried her to a chair.

“Darling, since the baby is due soon, I want to return to Cansington. At least there’d someone taking care of me in the Callahans. We won’t be able to make it in time for the hospital in this village,” Thea said.

“What? Return to the Callahans?”

James froze.

“Why?” Thea looked at him, confused. “Are you reluctant?”

“You misunderstand, Darling. The herb in the courtyard is about to bear fruit. This is a precious treasure to me as an ancient martial artist. There’s no way I can leave at such a crucial moment. I have to remain here and take good care of the herb.”

“Wow, James! So a single fruit is more important to you than me and the baby?” Thea chided him.

James hurriedly explained, “You misunderstand, Darling. You two are the most important people in my life. Since the baby’s due in another month, why the hurry? The herb will bear fruit in another couple of days. Once I pluck the fruit, we will return to Cansington.”

James only had the fruit on his mind.

“In that case, why don’t you remain here while I return to Cansington?”

Now that Thea was pregnant, she was deeply inconvenienced. Besides, since the baby was due soon, she needed to have frequent check-ups at the hospital. That was why she wanted to return to the Callahans as soon as possible.

“Alright then, I’ll escort you back to Cansington. Then, I’ll return here and guard the fruit,” James said after contemplation.

“I’ll be fine alone.”

“Are you mad, Darling?” James looked at her.

Thea said with a smile, “Not at all.”

“Yes, you are.”

“I said no” Wearing a surly expression, she said, “I’ll leave now while you wait here for the herb to bear fruit. Once the herb bears fruit, you have to return to Cansington immediately. No making detours!”

Then, Thea stood up and left.

James chased after her. “I still think I should escort you back.”

He was concerned about her safety. Even though many events had unfolded recently, he still could not figure out who was targeting him. If something happened to Thea, he would regret his decision for at lifetime.

“So… You don’t want the fruit anymore?” Thea blinked her eyes repeatedly.

“This is a secluded village where almost no one comes. Besides, I can ask Callan to watch the herb for me.”

“Mhm.” Thea nodded.

In truth, she wanted James to escort her back.

James went looking for Callan and requested him to watch over the herb for him. He told him that he would return in another two days after escorting Thea back to Cansington.

“Sure, I’ll look after your fruit.”

Callan sat in a lotus position in his courtyard while exuding a powerful aura. Upon hearing James’ request. he waved slightly and assured James.

After asking Callan, James returned to Cansington alongside Thea.


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