The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831

Thomas drew his sword immediately.

Thea took a step forward just in time, stopping him, and said, “Sir Caden, I’ll go with them. They said they won’t give me a hard time. I believe that members of the Void Sect are not the kind of people who would break their word.”

Thea knew how powerful the Void Sect was. Even Tobias and Lucjan were defeated by them with a single attack. Moreover, the ones who defeated the two were merely Kaj’s subordinates.

Kaj would definitely be a difficult person to deal with. He was undoubtedly a ninth-rank grandmaster. If they fought, Thomas might be no match for him.

“But, Thea…” Thomas’ expression showed hesitation. He said, “Your due date is approaching. During this time, you should get plenty of rest.”

Kaj said nonchalantly, “You don’t have to worry about that. The Void Sect has midwives too. Nothing bad will happen to Thea at the Void Sect.”

After saying that, he extended his hand in welcome.

Thea walked over. They then turned around and left.

“Thomas, go back and tell James that we’ll be fighting at Mount Bane in Sol in a week.”

He had already left, but his voice could still be heard.

Right then, Sky walked over. Looking at Thomas, he said with a smile, ‘This is unexpected. James has actually offended members of the Void Sect.”

Sky laughed. He had captured Thea to force James to deal with the Void Sect. Now that the Void Sect had taken Thea, he had achieved his goal. Without saying a word, Thomas gave Sky a cold stare before turning around and leaving with Tobias and Lucjan.

After they left, Lucjan asked, “Your Majesty, what should we do now?”

Thomas instructed, ‘The Void Sect is too powerful. More and more powerhouses are emerging. It’s getting fun. You two should head back immediately and take the Dragon Essence. In the shortest amount of time, get to the ninth rank. I’ll go see James in person.”

“Yes.” They both nodded at the same time. Then, they left.

Sky, on the other hand, was looking at the ruins of the palace with a sorrowful expression on his face. Although it was haphazardly constructed, it was still his domain.

“Curse you, Maxine.” He clenched his fist.

This time, he lost because he listened to Maxine.

He then pressed his hand against his chest, a hint of pain visible on his face. “Why is the Prince of Orchid Mountain so powerful?”

Clack, clack, clack.

The sound of high heels on the ground could be heard.

A gorgeous woman was approaching.

Sky raised his head to look and saw Maxine walking over. His face darkened and he asked coldly, “You still dare to show up?”

Maxine looked at Sky, who was injured and said, “I didn’t expect the Prince of Orchid Mountain to appear. I didn’t expect Tobias to come running over here either. In any case, none of that matters anymore. Thea was taken by the Void Sect. James will definitely go and save her. Now, we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the show.”

Sky took a deep breath. Looking at Maxine, he asked, ‘Tell me, where did the Void Sect come from? Why do they have so many skilled martial artists? Two of them appeared and defeated the two war gods of Japura, just like that. They are both ninth-rank grandmasters, yet they were defeated in a single round.”

Maxine looked puzzled as well. “How would I know that? If you’re curious, go and ask the Omniscient Deity. He works in intelligence. He definitely knows the Void Sect’s history.”

“What should we do now?” asked Sky.

Maxine pondered for a moment and said, “Right now, things are a bit chaotic. The ancient martial arts world has been shaken up by the Void Sect. I think we shouldn’t get involved right now. Instead, we should seize this opportunity to further develop the country.”

Sky asked, “What brilliant plan do you have in mind?”

Maxine said, ‘Tacriyrus currently doesn’t have enough territory. If I were you, I’d expand the country’s territory as quickly as possible. Right now, Tacriyrus’ neighbors are all relatively small countries. They’ll be easy to control. If they aren’t, send an army to attack them and take over the other countries by force.

“Besides that, Tacriyrus is too poor. Money is needed to develop it.

Tacriyrus has yet to establish a currency, so it should introduce currencies from other countries.”

Maxine began to make suggestions to Sky.


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