The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1839

Chapter 1839


The disciple turned around and left.

Kaj eventually said, “Sir, James is the only person who has defeated a Void Sect disciple. Before locating the four seals, we want to be in control of Earth. We must establish our reputation. I brought James’ wife to Mount Bane to force James to show himself. They won’t be willing to respect and follow us until we openly and honestly defeat James and every martial artist on Earth.”

“Mhm.” The elder nodded and said, “I trust in your abilities. I’ll give you ten years of time. Find the four seals. At the same time, take full control of Earth. Once Earth is completely unified, it will be the time to open the seal.”

After saying that, he stood up. There was a hint of greed in his expression.

“In the future, the world will belong to the Void Sect.

‘The one who opens the seal will get the world’s blessing and a great opportunity. Kaj, I have high hopes for you. As long as you collect the four seals and open the seal, you’ll immediately receive the blessing of the earth and sky and grow rapidly.”

‘Thank you, Sir.” Kaj’s expression was equally passionate. He knew about the seal.

Earth had been sealed in ancient times.

What was sealed was the Earth’s space. Inside the seal was the Empyrean Spiritual Energy, the Earth’s Primordial Energy.

Once the seal was opened, the Empyrean Spiritual Energy would erupt and spread from Mount Bane to the entire Earth.

The person who opened the seal would receive a gift from the world.

‘There’s not much time left.” The elder lamented, ‘The news about the Earth’s seal coming loose has already spread. We must quickly locate the four seals and open the seal before the other races arrive. Otherwise, someone else will seize our opportunity.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll pick up the pace.”

“Alright, you may leave.”


Kaj then turned around and left.

Meanwhile, on Mount Bane, outside some wooden houses…

James was waiting.

Behind him were the strongest martial artists on Earth. They were all here to witness the excitement. Aside from that, they were hoping that James would be able to defeat the martial artist from the Void Sect.

After a short while, several people appeared.

A few Void Sect disciples were approaching with a beautiful, pregnant woman.


Thea walked over and noticed James, her face beaming.

James took long strides forward as well and took Thea’s hands. With a concerned face, he asked, ‘Thea, did anything happen to you?”

“Why could possibly happen?” said Thea with a smile.

With a contrite expression, James said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t stay beside you, that’s why you…”

Thea stopped him in time and cut him off, saying, “I said I’m fine.”

Thea was fine, and James felt relieved. Thea, however, was starting to get anxious.

“Honey, are you really going to fight with the Void Sect?”

“Mhm.” James nodded and said, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know. Right now, you should first head back to Cansington. After I’ve fought the Void Sect, I’ll come back to you and tell you some things that I’ve learned in detail.”

“What is it? You can’t tell me now?”

“I can’t.” James shook his head.

These things were too bizarre.

If he talked about it right now, it would cause a commotion and the world would probably be in chaos.

He must be thoroughly prepared for this. At the very least, he should make sure Sol was not in disarray before the end times. He must ensure the safety of Soleans.


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