The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1847

Chapter 1847

A man descended from the sky. He wore a white robe and had a youthful appearance, looking like he was probably around his 30s. However, all the hair on his head was a brilliant white.

“Father Tyrus greeted him respectfully

Langston swiftly descended from the sky, appearing in front of Void Sect’s powerhouse.


The Void Sect elder was stunned by Langston’s speed and took a few steps backward.

“A Supernatural?”

The Void Sect’s powerhouse stared at Langston in disbelief.

Langston stared at him and said, “What were you saying just now? You think you can step on us because there aren’t any strong martial artists in Sol?”

“H-Have you reached the Supernatural rank?”

Having sensed Langston’s energy, the other man grew anxious and fear crept up on his face

Langston did not answer his question. Instead, he slowly approached him one step at a time. “You’re sorely mistaken if you think that there aren’t any other strong martial artists in Sol. I simply do not bother involving myself in trivial spats by youngsters.”

Being addressed by Langston made it feel like an oppressive force was bearing down on him. It made the formidable man short of breath and beads of sweat dotted his forehead.

A Supernatural martial artist. The person before him had reached the Supernatural rank!

He was stunned

In the Sealed Realm, people who had reached this rank were seen as peerless.

The Void Sect’s head was also a Supernatural

He never expected a martial artist from outside the Sealed Realm to have reached the Supernatural rank with such scarce Spiritual Energy

Under the pressure of Langston’s terrifying energy, the elderly man did not even dare to breathe.

Langston withdrew his energy and walked toward James.

Seeing the injuries on James’ body gradually healing themselves, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He did not leave and guarded James as he mended his wounds.

The whole area became dead silent.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Langston.

Thomas, Sky, Simon, and the others also stared at Langston, trying to guess what the Supernatural rank really was.

Was it a rank above the ninth rank?

In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed.

James gradually stood up from the ground.

Thea walked over in time, took his hand, and asked worriedly. “Honey, are you alright?

James forced a smile on his ashy face and said, Tm fine for the time being ”

After speaking, he looked at Tyrus and Langston. Then, he clasped his hands together and said, Thanks for the spiritual fruit, seniors. I would’ve been in critical condition if it weren’t for it.”

James had learned a lot of secrets

Thus, he knew the spiritual fruit was an invaluable commodity.

The seal had not fully opened yet, and spiritual fruits were very rare and highly sought after

Having the spiritual fruit would significantly improve his strength. After the seal was completely broken, he could seize the opportunity to gain as many boons as possible

Yet, Tyrus and Langston simply gifted the fruit to him.

Langston looked at James and said, “As long as you’re fine with it.”

Then, he looked at the spectators in the distance and said, “Everyone should disperse

However, the crowd did not leave. Instead, they began drawing closer to greet Langston.

Langston did not bother with them and left immediately

“Honey, let’s leave too.”

James glanced at the severely injured Kaj. Initially, he wanted to ask Kaj a few questions, but it seemed he would not be getting any answers

He nodded slightly, turned around, and left with Thea’s support

The Omniscient Deity stood on a mountaintop in the distance. With his hands behind him, he watched the scene unfold and smiled faintly.

“You sure are something. Langston. You’ve actually stepped into the Supernatural rank secretly. The Dragon Essense must’ve improved his strength significantly. Since he gave James a spiritual fruit, he must already know about the seal and must have been searching all over the world for spiritual fruits.”


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