The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1862

Chapter 1862

Quincy was a beautiful and charismatic woman, who was also extremely capable to boot.

Countless suitors approached her in the past three years.

However, she refused them all.

She already had a man in her heart, and it was impossible to replace him.

Deep down, she knew she and James had virtually no chance of being together in this lifetime.

The two casually chatted for a while.

James made the decision quite hastily and still had many more things to settle. Thus, after hurriedly finishing lunch, he bid farewell to Quincy.

Quincy returned to her company and began filing her resignation. After that, she prepared to head over to the Capital to regain control of New Era Commerce.

Meanwhile, James went to see the Blithe King to explain his new plan.

“Blithe King, I need someone to take charge of the Southern Plains right now. This person must have a great deal of prestige. As a commander, you are a very suitable candidate. I’ve also discussed this matter with the old and new King. Both of them were supportive of this idea. They’ve permitted me to take any people I need from Sol.”

The Blithe King began to contemplate.

He never expected James to get everything sorted in so quickly.

When he heard James’ request for him to leave for the Southern Plains, the Blithe King hesitated briefly before replying, “Alright. I’ll help you. I’ll submit my resignation as a commander of Sol. I’ll also bring some of my confidants with me to the Southern Plains to assist you in setting up your new country.”


James nodded and said, “It’s a crucial period. Rather than a peaceful country, I will establish an absolute autocracy. I need to have complete control and authority over the country. After issuing orders, I don’t want to have to go through the approval of various parties. It’ll waste too much time.”

The Blithe King nodded and expressed his understanding.

After the Blithe King agreed to come on board, James left Cansington and headed to Mount Thunder Sect.

He needed the support of martial artists.

Mount Thunder Sect had always been the most respected sect of the ancient martial world. It would be much easier to complete the next stage of his plans if he could gain their support.

Whatsmore, this was a significant event related to humanity’s survival. As ancient martial artists, it was important that they knew about these things to prepare to face the impending catastrophe.

Simon personally received James into the Mount Thunder Sect’s main hall.

“James, how rare of you to visit.”

The news of James defeating a powerhouse from the Void sect in Mount Bane had already spread worldwide. All martial artists knew James had stepped into the ninth rank and attained tremendous strength.

James smiled and said, “Sir Cabral.”


Simon waved his hand and said, “What’s with the formalities? You can just call me Simon.”

At that moment, Jackson and Delainey walked into the hall.


“Mr. Caden.”

Both of them greeted him simultaneously.

James was slightly perplexed.

Mount Thunder Sect’s grand patriarch and Jackson were both on a first- name basis with

James. However, Delainey, who was in a lower rank in the sect, called him Mr. Caden.

The matter of hierarchy in the sect was too complicated for James to understand.

After being slightly taken aback, he smiled at them.

Jackson and Delainey also sat down.

James directly stated the purpose of his visit. “Actually, I came to Mount Thunder Sect because I’ve got something important to tell you guys.”

Hearing this, all three of them stared intently at James.

James repeated the information about the Sealed Realm, Void Sect’s origin, and the significant changes that would take place on earth in the future.

“I see.”

Simon replied solemnly, “I sensed that something seemed abnormal, but I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

Jackson asked, “James, is the reason you came here just to tell us about this?”


James continued. “I’ve already discussed this matter with the highest officials of Sol. I’m going to return to the Southern Plains and declare the Southern Plains’ independence. I’ll use the Southern Plains as my base of operations and quickly occupy surrounding countries. Then, I’ll build moats and fortresses. On top of that, I’ll create food stores so we can weather the oncoming storm.”


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