The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1867

Chapter 1867

James immediately bowed to Tyrus, who had appeared.



“Last night, rays of light appeared on Mount Bane which grabbed everyone’s attention.

According to my father’s suspicions, it happened because Empyrean Spiritual Energy leaked into the earth and caused plants to mutate into spiritual fruits. Our goal this time is to head to Mount Bane and drive off the Void Sect.”

James looked at Tyrus and asked, “Uncle, what’s your current rank?”

He knew Tyrus had entered the ninth rank but was unsure how close he was to the

Supernatural rank.

Tyrus smiled faintly and said, “I’m still far from the Supernatural rank. Rest assured, I’m strong enough to deal with the Void Sect.”

James gave him a relieved smile and said, “Great! Let’s get on the plane.”

James escorted Tyrus onboard the private plane.

On the plane, the two had a deep discussion about martial arts.

From their conversation, James learned more about the Supernatural rank.

Those who reached the Supernatural rank were not actually invincible.

There was another rank above Supernatural.

The rank was called Herculean.

Reaching this rank made one truly invincible.

Tyrus told him that in order to protect humankind in the apocalypse, one would have to become Herculean to be able to fight off the monsters and foreign beings that would appear in the future.

Hearing this, James drew in a sharp breath.

Supernatural, Herculean, everything sounded out of this world.

Tyrus smiled lightly and said, “Don’t sigh. There’ll be many opportunities in the future, and a divine berry will soon appear. It can allow one to gain immortality, and if consumed by an ordinary human, they could reach the invincible Herculean rank.”

“It’s that strong?!”

James was stunned.


Tyrus said, “The same goes for other beings as well. Anyone who obtains the berry will obtain strength equal to that of the Herculean rank.”


James took a deep breath.

That was extremely alarming.

How strong was the Herculean rank?

James could not imagine it.

The only thing certain to him was that anyone who had reached that rank would have tremendous strength.

If a Supernatural already possessed such immense power, then the mere concept of someone at the Herculean rank alone was too scary to imagine.

Among the people James knew, there is only one person he was certain had stepped into the Supernatural rank-Langston.

As for the Omniscient Deity, James believed there was more to him than it seemed and was certain he definitely was beyond the ninth rank.

“By the way…”

Tyrus changed the subject and asked, “What stage are you within the ninth rank?”


James was taken aback.

He had just stepped into the ninth rank and was unaware that there were different stages.

“How are the ninth rank’s stages determined?”

Tyrus began to explain, “The human body has three shackles which are on the blood, flesh, and bones. The ninth rank is also divided into three stages. You enter the next stage every time you break free of a shackle.”

James said, “I haven’t sensed the existence of shackles in my body yet.”

Tyrus immediately knew James had just stepped into the ninth rank and had not reached the first stage yet.

‘What about you, Uncle?” asked James.

Tyrus smiled lightly and said, “I’ve been lucky recently and obtained a few spiritual fruits. I’ve already broken free from two shackles. If I’m lucky on our trip to Mount Bane, I might just step into the Supernatural rank.”

James took a deep breath.

Tyrus was powerful.

The Lafleurs were extraordinary.

One was a Supernatural, and one was at the ninth rank’s second stage.

Their strength was enough to rule ’over the entire martial world.

The plane quickly soared through the sky.

James and Tyrus talked about some things concerning the ancient martial world and about some events that happened more than 2,000 years ago.


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