The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1902

Chapter 1902

“Does that mean that both the Void Sect’s Grand Priestess and Conrad Titus are on Mount Bane?” “Mhm.” James nodded and said, “You’re correct.”

Langston was lost in thought. He would have ascended the mountain without hesitation if there was only a single opponent up there. After all, he stood no chance against the combined strength of two martial artists at the Supernatural rank. He scanned his surroundings. Upon noticing that the Omniscient Deity was nowhere to be seen, he could not help but ask, “Is the Omniscient Deity here?”

James said, “I have been waiting here since noon yesterday. However, there’s no sign of him.”

“We’ll wait here, then.” Langston said,” Mount Bane is where the seal is located, so the Omniscient Deity must be paying close attention to the events unfolding here. He will definitely come.”

Langston was confident that the Omniscient Deity would arrive soon.

More and more people gradually arrived.

“Hahaha! Hey there, James!”

Laughter boomed in the distance. Then, Callan Maverick walked over to James. “It’s been some time since we last met. I heard that you were in closed-door meditation at the Mount Thunder Pass in the Southern Plains. How did it go?”

James looked at him and said while smiling, “It’s alright, I guess. My strength increased.”

Hearing this, Callan was intrigued. He asked, “What stage have you reached?”

James smiled smugly. “I’ve already broken the second shackle inside my body.”

“…” Callan was stunned. “You broke free of the second shackle in just half a year?”

He could not believe his ears. How did James manage to break free of the second shackle in just half a year? What unbelievable cultivation speed!

Callan, on the other hand, had yet to sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

James smiled and remained silent.

Following Callan’s appearance, more and more people arrived.

Even Thomas was here alongside the guardians of Japura—Tobias and Lucjan. The latter two had been in closed-door meditation. After consuming the Dragon Essence, they crossed into the ninth rank. Thomas, similarly, managed to do so after consuming the power of the dragon’s blood. However, as they forcibly advanced through the stages, they could not sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy despite having the combat prowess of a ninth-rank martial artist.

James walked over to them and greeted Thomas. “Grandpa…”

Thomas glanced at him and nodded slightly. “How’s the situation on Mount Bane?”

James recounted the events that had unfolded to him. Upon hearing about them, Thomas’ expression darkened.

“Conrad Titus and Juniper Waseem… This is getting a little complicated.”

Soon, members of the Polaris Sect and the Blood Race arrived. All the powerful martial artists on Earth had congregated in one place.

However, even though a day had passed, Omniscient Deity was still nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, the alluring scent coming from Mount Bane was only getting increasingly stronger. As the berry was about to ripen, Langston knew they could not wait any longer.


His voice boomed, and the crowd turned to look at him.

Langston said, “Mount Bane belongs to Earth. We can’t allow outsiders to intrude on our territory as they please. Today, we shall chase away the intruders from Mount Bane at the risk of losing our lives.

“Currently, there are two martial artists at the Supernatural rank on Mount Bane. I can stand my ground against one of them. Are you all confident in fighting against the other?”

Upon hearing this, the crowd fell silent. Even the two Blood Race martial artists who had broken free of the second shackle remained silent.

The power disparity between those who broke free of the second shackle and the Supernatural rank was simply too overwhelming. Even if they combined their strength, they might not stand a chance against a single Supernatural.


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