The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2786

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2787-James really did not know what to say to Brielle.

He cheated her feelings and stole her family’s precious bodhi tree after their wedding ceremony.

No matter what, Brielle wanted to retrieve the bodhi tree, which was crucial for the Labhrann Clan’s survival.

As for her marriage with James, Brielle had not thought about how to deal with it yet.

However, she subconsciously acknowledged James as her husband.

Despite that, James did not want to accept her, and there was nothing she could do.

Qusai said smilingly, “James, you should let Brielle come with us.

Besides, didn’t Henrik mention that Brielle is extraordinary and will be the first person to reach the Emperor Rank in the Apocalypse Age? Moreover, she’s very fortunate, so I’m sure you’ll have a share in her blessings if she’s around.” Hearing this, James cast a glance at Brielle.

Henrik did say that Brielle would be the first to become a Grand Emperor in the near future.

Becoming a Grand Emperor was a big deal.

In this age, there were many Quasi-Emperors.

Sophie was also one of them.

However, Brielle was bound to become a Grand Emperor even before Sophie.

Just what did she have that was so special? Moreover, how did Henrik know that Brielle would be the first Grand Emperor of this age? After thinking for a while, James nodded and said, “Since you insist on following, I won’t stop you.” Brielle said disdainfully, “Don’t think so highly of yourself, James.

Do you think I really want to follow you?” Henrik stepped into their conversation and tried to ease the conflict.


Let’s not talk about this anymore.

We’re in the same boat, so fighting is unnecessary.

Your opponents this time are the prodigies from all over the universe.

These prodigies aren’t going to be easy opponents.

Yorick was already powerful, right? A few among these prodigies are even stronger than Yorick.” Qusaid nodded and said, “Yeah, let’s not fight.

We should work together.

I’m sure we’ll obtain the third providence.

Then, we’ll become Grand Emperors! From today onward, whatever calamities or disasters will be nothing, and we’ll easily become Emperors!” James and Brielle stopped bickering.

After the South Heaven Door was opened, more and more creatures headed into the unknown.

Soon, the crowd was almost gone.

James spotted some people he was acquainted with on the mountain.

Henry, the Blithe King, Delainey, and the others had also rushed over.

They walked toward James.

James asked, “Are you guys also planning to seize the third providence?” Henry said smilingly, “With you here, how will we have the chance to acquire it?” The Blithe King chuckled and said, “That’s true.

We came over because we heard a Divine Door had appeared on Mount Bane.” Tyrus looked at James and reminded him, “Do be careful, James.” James nodded and said, “Alright.

I’ll be careful.” At that moment, a gorgeous woman ina black dress came over.

“Thea.” James quickly approached her and asked, “Do you want to enter the South Heaven Door and explore the Ancient Heavenly Court’s ruins?” Thea shook her head and said, “I’m not planning to go this time.

There are too many powerhouses.

Even if I went, I wouldn’t have a chance to seize the third providence.

Plus, we need someone to take care of the affairs on Earth.” James was slightly disappointed with Thea’s reply.

He knew Thea was powerful, and they might have a chance to obtain the third providence if they worked together.

Thea smiled and said, “You have Brielle with you.

She’s very strong as well and isn’t inferior to me.

If you work with her, there aren’t many that can defeat you two.” “She…” James smiled bitterly, not saying much in response.

Thea reminded him, “Be careful in there.” James nodded and said, “Mhm.

I’ll be careful.” Thea said, “No matter what happens, you have to consider the bigger picture.

The most important thing is your life.

Even if you don’t obtain the third providence, I’m sure there will be other means to save humanity.” “Mhm.

I understand.” “James…”A voice called out from a distance.

Hearing the sound, James turned around and saw a beautiful woman walking over.

Maxine appeared before James almost instantly.

She smiled and greeted again, “James.”


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