The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2793

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2793-He swiftly dodged their attacks and struck back.

However, the golems were sturdy.

Even with the Imperial Weapon of an Ancestral God in hand, he could not obliterate them.

This was not because the Ancestral God’s Imperial Weapon was weak.

Rather, it was because James’ rank was still low, and as such, he could not fully utilize the power of the weapon.

A fierce battle erupted.

The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword in James’ hand clashed with a golem’s sword.

Boom! A deafening blast reverberated throughout the area, and shapeless Sword Energy shredded through the air.

At that moment, eight swords surrounded him simultaneously and struck his vital points.

In the blink of an eye, he dodged the attacks and slashed with the Divine Sword.

A wave of Sword Energy appeared, forming a circle shape that blocked the surrounding attacks.

James already knew that the golems were positioned based on the Figure of Nine Squares and Eight Trigrams.

Even so, breaking through the Formation was nigh impossible.

Though he had witnessed many sophisticated sword techniques before, the Sword Moves of the golem formation were much more complicated than he initially thought.

The fierce battle continued before the palace.

With his countless signature Sword Moves, James parried the golems’ attack.

In the beginning, he was able to hold his ground.

However, after a few rounds, he began losing ground.

In the blink of an eye, he retreated from the golem formation.

Immediately, the golems stopped attacking him.

“How was it, James?” Maxine asked.

James stood beside her and contemplated briefly before saying, “ Their Sword Moves were profound and sophisticated.

I have no way of breaking the formation at the moment.

Now, I need to learn the essence of the opponent’s Sword Moves.” This time, James fought against the golems for roughly thirty minutes.

James sat in a lotus position on the ground and shut his eyes, reminiscing about the scenery where he fought against the golems.

Their Sword Moves resurfaced in his mind repeatedly, and he kept searching for a way to defeat them.

Seeing that James was in the midst of gaining insight, the others did not bother him.

After sitting in a lotus position for the whole day, James stood up once more, grabbed the Divine Sword, and charged toward the golem formation again.

This time, he lasted for two hours.

Two hours later, he was defeated.

However, he did not yield.

Instead, he kept trying to learn the Sword Moves of the golems and use his own to break them.

This time, he spent three days gaining insight into the moves.

Three days later, he fought against the golems again.

However, he was yet again defeated.

The first attempt…

The second attempt…

The tenth attempt…

Each time James tried to fight against the golems, he would spend a longer time inside the golem formation.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had been in the palace for three whole months.

Over the last three months, James had been trying to break through the formation and gain insight into different sword techniques.

He had once fought against Heavenly Path Embodiments and learned countless sophisticated Sword Moves.

His swordsmanship had now reached a terrifying level.

Now, he only required a short period of time to learn any Sword Move.

After three months, James had learned pretty much everything about the golems’ sword techniques.

If he could merge these sword techniques into his Sword Moves, his swordsmanship would increase by leaps and bounds.

“Is everything going fine, James? It’s been three months.

If you can’t, just give up already and search elsewhere.

Now that so much time has passed, the others might have already obtained many providences and a War Order,” Maxine asked upon seeing James standing before the golem formation.

James looked at her while wearing a composed and confident look on his face, saying, “Don’t worry.

It’s going to work this time.

P’’1] break the golem formation in no time!” James was confident this time.

Qusai was not in a rush.

Sitting on the doorstep, he said with a bright smile, “James’ sword techniques have improved tremendously recently.

I consider this a providence.”


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