The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2814

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2814-Though this was the Apocalypse Age for mankind, the opposite was true for James.He possessed unbelievable luck and was graced by the Heavenly Path.

As he was incredibly fortunate, he would receive providence wherever he went.

This was the main reason Qusai followed James around.

Throughout the universe, many chose to antagonize the human race and wanted to annihilate James and seize his providence.

However, some chose to befriend James.

Qusai was one of them.

When James first appeared in the Demon Realm, the Gael family immediately got word of it.

So, they sent Qusai to the Demon Realm to become sworn brothers with James.

As someone blessed by the Heavenly Path, James could direct the luck toward his friends unknowingly.

Perhaps it was due to this that Brielle and Qusai had great luck Not too long after James left, they each obtained a War Order.

Having incredible fortunes was simply unbelievable.

Countless powerful cultivators entered the ruins of the Ancient Heavenly Court, yet the vast majority of them could not find anything, whereas both of them obtained one.

Besides, news of who exactly has a War Order in their possession had already spread far and wide.

That was because the Heavenly Path would periodically send information to the creatures in the ruins.

This piece of information included the names of those who possessed the War Order.

Due to this, Qusai and Brielle were pursued.

However, they were both powerful.

Qusai, especially, was from the Demon Realm and the son of the Supreme Demon Lord.

As the blood of the Supreme Demon Lord ran through his veins, he possessed strength that rivaled Yorick’s, or perhaps even surpassed his.

Brielle was no pushover either.

Henrik Declan even stated that she would be the first to reach the Emperor Rank among all living beings in the Apocalypse Age.

With their great strength, they successfully forced their enemies to retreat.

However, to avoid unnecessary trouble, they did not dare show themselves easily.

At the moment, they were hiding on the outskirts of Mount Penyet.

Gazing at the mountain in the distance, Qusai said, “Since James has already left his closed-door meditation, he must have gotten news of Maxine’s abduction.He would surely make his way here.Let’s just wait here for him to show himself.Once we combine our forces, no one can stand in our way.”

Qusai did not choose to act impulsively.

Instead, he planned to wait for James to come.

Brielle nodded slightly and said, “I guess that’s our only way.”

Meanwhile, after receiving news of Maxine’s abduction, James swiftly headed in the direction of Mount Penyet.

Soon, he arrived at the outskirts of the region.

By the time he arrived, there were already many creatures gathered there.

Some of them came from the Three-Thousand Sealed Realms, while the others came from all corners of the universe.

As they lacked strength, they were ineligible to compete for the providence.

Even so, they managed to obtain many benefits in the ruins.

At the moment, they were here to watch the show.

The Celestial Ant was the descendant of one of the Primordial Ten Fiends, whereas James was the most terrifying human prodigy of this age.

Their showdown attracted the attention of many creatures.

James did not disguise himself, nor did he conceal his aura.

So, the moment he appeared, he was spotted.

As he arrived at the outskirts of Mount Penyet, he gazed at the majestic mountain and stopped in his tracks.

Then, he pulled out the map and confirmed his direction, murmuring, “This should be Mount Penyet.Only two weeks have passed since I received news of Maxine’s abduction.She should be alright.”

“Hey, isn’t that James?”


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