The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2825

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2825-Hearing this, everyone was puzzled.

The Guardian continued, “Now, the War Orders have completely merged with your body.They have also transformed into a crystal inside your body.Whenever you receive damage, the crystal formed by the War Orders will receive damage.When the crystal completely disappears, you’ll be disqualified.”

Hearing this, many began to inspect their bodies.

James did the same.He realized that there was a crystal -like object in the elixir field near his abdomen.

“Don’t underestimate the crystal.This is a providence as well.After being shattered, its power will be completely absorbed by your body, and your Sage Energy and physical strength will be boosted.So, no matter the outcome in the end, each of you would receive a providence by arriving at this arena.”

The Guardian’s voice boomed.

“Of course, the level of destruction of your crystal is correlated with your strength.The stronger you are, the slower your crystal will accumulate damage whenever you are attacked.As long as the crystal isn’t shattered, you won’t suffer any injuries no matter the power of the opponent’s attack.”

Hearing this, everyone froze.

Would they truly not suffer any injuries? How magical! After collecting himself, James took a deep breath and scanned his surroundings.

He realized that the arena was huge.

All thirty-three fighters would have enough space to fight to their heart’s content.

After scanning his surroundings, he found Qusai.

Accelerating his speed, he walked toward Qusai and met up with him.



The two greeted each other.

James also noticed Brielle.Her current whereabouts were a distance away from them, and she was currently at a corner.

“Let’s go find Brielle,” James said.

Then, the two hurriedly left and met up with Brielle.

Soon, they found her.

In the meantime, the Guardian had been explaining the rules of the tournament.

There would be no restrictions whatsoever.

All participants were allowed to use any weapons, cultivation methods, and any means.

The objective was to attack the opponent and deplete the energy of their crystals.

In fact, they would be helping them refine their crystals.

After all, the Guardian had explained that the crystal was a providence as well.

Once the crystal shattered, energy would pour out and increase one’s strength.

How much one’s strength could increase was unknown, however.

James would have to wait for someone’s crystal to shatter and merge with their body to find out.

“Of course, throughout the battle, you’re allowed to form groups.Fight to your heart’s content, everyone.The last one standing would obtain the ultimate providence.By then, reaching the Emperor Rank would only be a matter of time.”

Then, the Guardian vanished without a trace.

Immediately, the creatures in the arena hurriedly retreated and maintained a certain distance from the others for fear of being ambushed.


A melodious voice could be heard.

James turned around and saw a young lady about eighteen years of age running toward him.

Wearing a purple dress, the girl had purple hair.

Her features were glamorous and immaculate, just like a doll.


James looked at the beautiful lady before him.He figured that this was Feb the Gorger.

However, he had never seen her human form.

“That’s me.”

Feb nodded her head and said smilingly, “I’ve been searching all over the place for you, James.I never thought we would only meet again after the Thirty-three Stages Celestial Palace opened.”

James looked at her and nodded satisfactorily, saying, “Not bad.You’re already in human form.If we combine our strengths, we’ll be able to overwhelm everyone else.”

Feb’s appearance gave James confidence.


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