The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2838

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2838-Despite Maveth, Matilde, Yorick, and Wilvalor’s interventions, these few prominent figures were unable to defend Qhuv.

Now, Qhuv had been eliminated.

The arena had progressed to the second level as well.

After a round of battle, their crystals all showed signs of depletion.

Even though the depletion was not severe, at this rate, they would be eliminated very soon.

“What should we do?” Maveth looked at the center area.

He noticed Lucifer had entered the halo and had begun to restore his drained crystal.

He said, “As matters stand, we can’t give them a chance to take a breather.

Once their crystals are fully restored, we will be the ones to suffer as the battle continues.” Yorick’s face darkened.

He said, “So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go ahead and take it.” Matilde nodded and said, “Mhm.

I agree as well.

While Lucifer is in the halo and is unable to leave, they have one less powerful ally.

Let’s take advantage of this and attack together.” Wilvalor glanced at James and the others and said, “It seems to me that that woman is the weakest.

Let’s work together and attack her at the same time.

We’ll eliminate her at the second level.” Several powerful figures gathered and discussed countermeasures.

Other living beings had yet to take action since they were not in immediate danger yet.

They were all betting on their luck, thinking that James and the others would not attack them for the time being and that they were temporarily safe.

Right now, they were doing their best to stay out of the fray.

Meanwhile, James and the others were standing around the halo.

James said in a lowered voice, “From the looks of them, they’!l be attacking soon.

If my guess is correct, they will cooperate and attack one of us with the intent of eliminating that person first.” As he said that, he looked at Brielle.

“Brielle’s demonstrated strength is the weakest in the fight thus far.

If I were Yorick and the others, I would choose to strike Brielle.” Brielle furrowed her brow slightly and said, “I can still hold my own against one of them.

But if it’s me against several, I have absolutely no chance of winning.

I’1l be eliminated very soon.” James looked at Lucifer, who was in the halo, and asked, “How’s the restoration going?” Lucifer shook his head softly and said, “It’s restoring very slowly.

There is hardly any recovery.

Given the state of my crystal’s depletion, it will take more than a month to fully restore it.” After giving it some thought, James said, “Since that’s the case, don’t restore it.

Come out first and let Brielle go inside.

One can ignore any harm when they are in the halo.

As long as they don’t get out after going inside, they won’t get hurt.

That means that if they don’t get out at this level, they can steadily advance to the next level of the arena.” Lucifer stood up straight away and walked out of the halo.

“Brielle, just go,” said James.

Brielle was aware that James was acting in her best interests.

She did not hesitate and stepped right into the halo.

James looked at Yorick and the other powerful figures in the distance.

After pondering for a while, he said, “I didn’t fight the Multicolored Flame Python or Wilvalor, but I did fight Yorick and Maveth.

In the current situation, Yorick seems to be the weakest.” Lucifer nodded and said, “He is, indeed.” He had fought Yorick and was aware of his strength.

He was not particularly powerful.

When he used the Fourth Combat Form, he was just able to crush him.

If he used the Fifth Combat Form, he could definitely defeat Yorick.

Feb glanced at Yorick and the other prominent individuals afar and said, “Then let’s team up and first deal with Yorick.” In the distance, Maveth, Yorick, and the other powerful figures were already planning to attack Brielle first.

They intended to cooperate and get rid of Brielle first, thus weakening the fighting strength of James’ side.

However, James was well aware of what they were thinking, and Brielle entered the halo ahead of time.

“What do we do now?” When he noticed that these people were all staring at him, Yorick became aware of something.

His expression turned grim and he said, “It appears that they are going to attack me.” Maveth glanced at Yorick and said, “There is nothing we can do.

We can only defend ourselves vigorously.

The other living beings are all wary of one another and unwilling to be allies.


They’ll definitely suffer a great deal later on.” Upon hearing that, a plan suddenly came to Matilde’s mind.

“In that case, let’s not attack James and the others for now.

Let’s choose someone who has no allies and work together to eliminate them.

Then, when we reach the third level, perhaps our team will become more powerful.” Maveth thought for a while and said, “That’s feasible.” Yorick nodded.


I’m in favor of that.”


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