The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2884

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2884-As soon as James arrived in the Boundless Realm, he quickly learned about the Elixir Pavilion.

However, he was unsure whether the customers in the tavern spoke of the hidden Elixir Pavilion he was looking for.

Xandros had told him that the Elixir Pavilion’s mission was to protect the Ancestral God Rank elixir.

Under normal circumstances, the Elixir Pavilion would keep a low profile.

Moreover, Xandros even asked him to search in the Boundless Realm’s smaller worlds.

The Boundless Realm was the collective name of numerous worlds.

James fell into thought.

He was unsure if it was the Elixir Pavilion he had to find.

However, he would have to give it a shot regardless of whether it was right.

James walked over to the customers.

Although they were in human form, James knew they were not humans.

At the table, there were five people.

James walked over with some wine and said smilingly, “Cheers, brothers!”

He sat down and poured wine for all of them.

Then, he picked up his glass and gulped down his wine.

“Good! Come, let’s drink together!”

One of the five at the table picked up his glass and gulped his wine.

James asked smilingly, “Just now, you were discussing the Elixir Pavilion, right? What’s that whole situation about?”

One of them replied, “Oh, is that what you wanted to inquire about? Well, the Elixir Pavilion is going to recruit disciples openly.As long as you know about alchemy, you have a chance to become a disciple of the Elixir Pavilion.

“That being said, becoming a disciple of the Elixir Pavilion isn’t easy.

“Take Stardust Realm as an example.We’re considered a small world in the Boundless Realm, and only one slot is open to us.However, there are tens of thousands of alchemists.Obtaining this chance is going to be incredibly difficult.”

James asked, “How can I get this slot?”

“Three years later, an Alchemy Tournament will be held.As long as you can stand out, you’ll be given the opportunity.”

James asked again, “Anyone who’s an alchemist can participate, right? Or are there any restrictions?”

“Of course there are restrictions.The Elixir Pavilion is the most influential force in the Boundless Realm.Ordinary alchemists aren’t qualified to become disciples.The Elixir Pavilion only recruits real geniuses.Only those under the age of a million years are eligible to participate.”

Hearing this, James clicked his tongue.

A million years? In other words, some have been learning alchemy since birth and have been practicing it for nearly a million years.

In a million years, even a fool could become an alchemy master.

James initially wanted to take this chance to go to the Elixir Pavilion to verify whether it was the place he was looking for.

However, it seemed his plan would not work.

“I originally wanted to participate, but I think I’ll pass.I can only head to the Boundless Holy Realm to watch,” said James.

cc Ha! n One of the customers smiled and said, “Are you joking? Who do you think you are to enter the Boundless Holy Realm? Even the lord of the Stardust Realm isn’t qualified to enter the Boundless Holy Realm.”

James touched his nose and asked, “Really? Why?”

All of them looked at James in disbelief.

James quickly explained, “I’ve been practicing in seclusion and hardly move around outside.So, I’m not familiar with worldly affairs.”

Hearing James’ explanation, one of them said, “I see.Well, the Boundless Holy Realm is the most advanced world in the Boundless Realm.There are so many planets and living beings in the Boundless Realm.Even a powerhouse isn’t allowed into the Boundless Holy Realm without permission.Therefore, the Elixir Pavilion’s recruitment is an opportunity to enter the Boundless Holy Realm.”


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