The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2895

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2895-Soon, his injuries recovered.

Standing up, he stretched his muscles and looked in the direction in front of him.

At the moment, there were about thirty alchemists who were within a kilometer of the finishing line.

James knew that these alchemists must have had an ace up their sleeves and should be able to reach the end.

If everything went as he expected, these alchemists would compete against him in the final round.

Whoever emerged victorious would represent the Stardust Realm to participate in the examination of the Medicine Pavilion.

James simply waited patiently by the sidelines.

Myrddin, on the other hand, glanced at James.

Though James was considered young, he possessed extraordinary Soul Power.

This changed Myrddin’s perception of him.

However, as a Divine Rank alchemist, he had met countless prodigies.

Though James was distinguished, he was not considered the best of the best.

Time passed.

A day after James arrived at the end, a second alchemist crossed the finishing line.

This alchemist was a woman around twenty years of age.

Wearing a pink dress, she was similarly in a wretched state the moment she arrived at the peak.

Sitting on the ground, she kept gasping for breath.

Daley walked toward her and handed her a healing elixir.

“Thank you.” The woman said with a smile.

Her voice was melodious, though a slight hint of fatigue could be discerned.

James glanced at the woman.

She was glamorous and exuded a Spiritual Energy unlike any other.

Though she was fatigued at the moment, she still looked like a fairy.

James did not approach her to introduce himself.

Instead, he waited by the sidelines for the others to arrive.

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

Over the past ten days, thirty-one alchemists had reached the peak.

Meanwhile, those who failed to arrive at the peak were a distance away.

James could tell that they would not be able to make it till the end.

Daley, on the other hand, was wearing a bright smile upon seeing so many alchemists gather at the peak.

They all possessed immense power, and their Soul Power was terrifying.

With such terrifying Soul Power, the mastery of their alchemy must have been extremely advanced.

Myrddin looked at the alchemists who were still halfway up the mountain and announced, “Time’s up, folks! Those who’ve failed to reach the peak will now be disqualified.” Hearing this, they breathed a sigh of relief.

They had been feeling great discomfort.

They knew there was no way they could reach the peak, and they only persevered so they could join the Elixir Pavilion.

Now that they were being disqualified, they breathed a sigh of relief.

Myrddin looked at the thirty-one alchemists at the peak and said delightedly, “Not bad.

I didn’t expect there to be so many of you here.

Next, we’ll organize an alchemy test.

I’ll be the judge.

Whoever emerges victorious will represent the Stardust Realm to participate in the Medicine Pavilion’s examination.” At that moment, Daley stepped forward and looked at the alchemists before him.

Wearing a grim expression, he said, “ Before the test begins, there’s something I would like to inform you.” The alchemists fixed their gazes on Daley, not knowing what he would say.

Wearing a grim expression, Daley uttered word by word, “Thirty thousand years ago, a prodigy of the Stardust Realm went out for training and crossed a creature of the Overworld by chance.

Ever since then, the Stardust Realm has had bad blood with the Overworld.

Not too long ago, the Overworld threatened to attack us.”


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