The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2899

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2899-Hearing this, the alchemists were all confused.

Choosing herbs to create an elixir? They had gone to great lengths to prepare an elixir formula and herbs of their own for this Alchemy Tournament.

Yet, here was Myrddin stating that they had to choose from the herbs prepared for them.

It would be extremely challenging as there might be herbs that were not necessarily needed for their formulas among the selection presented.

This tested their accumulation of alchemy knowledge.

The more formulas they studied, the easier it would be to create a combination of these herbs.

Every alchemist was wearing a grim expression, except for James.

There was nothing for him to prepare in advance.

After all, what he learned was an inheritance of an Emperor Rank alchemist.

There were countless formulas inside his head.

He was also familiar with all sorts of Empyrean herbs.

Not only did he know the effects of these herbs, but he could even concoct a new elixir by randomly mixing any of these herbs.

Myrddin continued, “Each alchemist will have three chances to concoct an elixir.If all three attempts fail, you’ll lose the right to continue.Now, please choose the herbs you need.”

The moment Myrddin finished his sentence, a woman wearing a pink dress stepped forward.

Leaving her seat, she began to choose the herbs she needed.

James glanced at her and recognized her immediately.She was the second one to ascend Mount Inclining Moon.

The woman was choosing from the herbs.

Soon, she decided on a herb that was at the Sage Rank’s Eighteenth Grade.

Upon seeing this, James furrowed his eyebrows.

“A Sage Rank’s Eighteenth Grade herb…Is she trying to concoct an elixir at the Eighteenth Grade?” He murmured.

Under normal circumstances, the elixir one concocted would be equivalent to the grade of the herbs used.

Of course, there were exceptions to the norm.

Say, for example, an Eighteenth Grade herb.

If an alchemist of ordinary caliber failed to properly concoct the elixir, the final quality of the elixir would not be too high and would only remain around the Twelfth or Fifteenth Grade.

There were exceptions too.

One could also concoct an elixir at the Sage Rank’s Twentieth Grade by using an Eighteenth Grade herb.

This could only happen at the hands of a professional alchemist.

An Emperor Rank alchemist, for example, would certainly create an elixir that greatly surpassed the original level of the herbs used.

That was because he would have precise control of the concoction process and could accurately use the power of the herbs.

As the woman began choosing her herbs, the other alchemists gradually headed to the cabinets and chose their herbs.

James was not the exception.

He stood up and walked toward the cabinet.

There were all sorts of herbs in the cabinets, and there was an abundance of each type of herb.

There was certainly enough herb for every alchemist there.

Seeing this, James could not help but sigh.

As expected of the Lord of a realm, he had so many herbs in his possession.

During the process of selecting herbs, James watched the others choose.

He noticed that the herbs the alchemists chose were all at least at the Fifteenth Grade and above.

This meant that the elixir they would concoct would be at least at the Fifteenth Grade.

Even if they made some mistakes along the way and caused the concocted elixir to be flawed, the elixirs would still be above the Tenth Grade.

James, on the other hand, could only concoct a Sage Rank’s Tenth Grade elixir at his best.

‘I never thought that the alchemists here would be this powerful.I really want to emerge victorious in this tournament. n.ovelebook To do that, I have to concoct an elixir at the Sage Rank’s Fifteenth Grade or above.Not only that, but the elixir must be perfect with no flaws”

James silently murmured in his heart.

Then, he observed the herbs.

The herbs flashed through his mind one by one.

Then, he began mixing them together to see what sort of elixir he could concoct.


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