The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2916

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2916-James had never seen a Holy Stone before. However, he roughly guessed that this was a currency used only by Divine Rank cultivators.

An ordinary Divine Rank Saucer was priced at 800 billion Holy Stones. It was simply terrifying. James had no way to gather 800 billion Holy Stones in a short amount of time.

“Sir, we can offer you a discount if you buy this Saucer.” The salesperson looked at James in anticipation, eager to close the deal as the commission she would receive was significant.

“We’ll see.”

James did not make any decision and turned to leave alongside Yevpraksiya.

The salesperson chased after him and said, “Sir, we’re the only Saucer shop in the whole of Heavenly Secrets City. Why don’t you leave behind your number?”

James, however, paid no heed to her. He was broke at the moment and could not afford anything.

After leaving the shop, Yevpraksiya looked at him, puzzled, and asked,” Why are we leaving all of a sudden, Mr. Caden?”

James smiled awkwardly and said, “Actually, I don’t have a single Holy Stone on me. In fact, I don’t even have any Sage Stones or spiritual crystals.” “What?”

Yevpraksiya opened her mouth agape.

James scanned his surroundings, contemplating a way to obtain a huge amount of Holy Stones. Then, he was reminded of the elixir he had concocted previously-the Elixir of Reversal. Though the elixir was concocted using ordinary herbs, he used an Emperor Rank alchemy furnace, so the elixir was at the Divine Rank.

He wondered whether he should find a place and ask how much his Divine Rank elixir was worth. Then, he would enter the Celestial Abode and mass- produce them for sale. James would obtain a huge number of Holy Stones in a short amount of time that way.

“Yevpraksiya,” James called out to her.

She nodded and asked, “What is your order, Mr. Caden?”

James asked, “Is there a place where I can sell elixirs?” “Huh…” Yevpraksiya froze momentarily before saying, “I remember that the Elixir Pavilion has established elixir pharmacies in every world of the Boundless Realm. Not only do they sell elixirs, but they also buy them. Let’s search around and see if there’s an elixir pharmacy in Heavenly Secrets City.” “Every world in the Boundless Realm?”

James froze.

Though he had no idea how big the Boundless Realm was, he knew it had countless worlds. Yet the Elixir Pavillion had an elixir pharmacy in every world. As expected of one of the most terrifying forces of the Boundless Realm, they had expanded their business to all corners of the realm.

Yevpraksiya corrected him, “Normally, small worlds such as the Heavenly River Realm and the Stardust Realm will only have elixir pharmacies in core cities. Bigger worlds, on the other hand, will have one in every city.” “Impressive,” James praised.

It was terrifying that a sect would have such a great influence.

Then, the two began strolling through the streets in search of an elixir pharmacy.

Soon, they arrived at the city center, in which there was a building a hundred stories high.

Upon arriving at the door of the building, James and Yevpraksiya lifted their heads and looked at the plaque on the door, on which the words’ Elixir Pavilion’ were engraved.

Seeing this, James asked, “Is this an Elixir Pavilion pharmacy?”

Yevpraksiya nodded and said, “No one else would dare use the Elixir Pavilion’s name to sell their merchandise. This must belong to the Elixir Pavilion.” “Good, let’s go have a look inside.”

James strode forward and entered the door.


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