The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2951

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2951-“We used the Time Capsule and forcibly opened a passage into the Boundless Realm.

“There isn’t much time left for the humans.

To find the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, the Human Realm’s Lord sent us back into the past with the Time Capsule.

However, an unexpected issue cropped up while we were traveling through time.

“I appeared one hundred thousand years in the past, and Thea was sent to a different period of time.” While speaking, James cast a glance at Xainte.

Xainte’s brows furrowed.

She was trying to verify whether James’ stories were real.

James understood his stories may seem outlandish to Xainte, so he took out Crucifier and said, “This is Crucifier.

It was fused with Thea’s Exalter into the Time Capsule.” “You might not believe me, but she’ll surely explain everything after you find her.” Xainte chuckled and said, “Ha.

So according to what you’re saying, you’re my father?” James scratched his nose and said, “Theoretically speaking, yes.

I’m your father.

Could it be your mother never told you about your origin?” At that moment, Xainte frowned once more.

“My mother suffered an Energy Deviation and isn’t in her right mind.

She doesn’t remember who she is, nor where she came from,” said Xainte with a sigh.

James exclaimed in alarm, “What? An Energy Deviation? How is that possible?” Xainte shook her head and said, “I don’t know what happened.

I only know she was heavily injured during the battle thirty thousand years ago.

She was about to give birth to me and expended a lot of strength to ensure my safe delivery.

After that, the Paragon Sect’s Great Elder came for her.

“Back then, my mother was in a frail state and couldn’t fight back against the Paragon Sect’s Great Elder.

“Despite her delirious state, she was still trying to protect both of us.

She deliberately left me behind and hid.

The Paragon Sect’s Great Elder found me and brought me out of the Great Wilderness.” Xainte spoke lightly about her past.

She had never told anyone about these things.

However, she made an exception because James knew about her identity as well as her mother.

She was unsure of whether James was telling the truth, but James’ earlier claims were rather accurate and he did not seem to be lying.

Xainte looked at James and asked, “So you’re saying you and my mother came from outside the Boundless Realm and are here to find the Ancestral God Rank Elixir?” James nodded and said, “Yeah.

Some powerhouses from the Primeval Age left behind the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

It’s humanity’s only hope.” “You said humans have curses inside their bodies because of the Third Calamity, right? So, where’s yours?” Xainte stared at James.

James lightly waved his hand, and black Curse Magic emerged from his body.

“This is Curse Magic.” “W-What…?” Xainte was startled at the sight of the force before her.

She was very familiar with the power.

It was the same kind she sensed from her mother’s body.

Seeing her strange expression, James asked, “What’s wrong?” Xainte said, “This energy is similar to the one I sensed from my mother.

Is this Curse Magic? Could the curse in my mother’s body cause her to suffer an Energy Deviation?” James replied, “Impossible.

Back then, I’d already dispelled the curse in her body.

It’s impossible for any curse to still be within her.” Xainte said solemnly, “I’m not lying.

I sensed some identical energy in my mother.

Compared to the one I felt from my mother, yours is much weaker.” James’ face darkened.

‘What’s going on? I’ve already cleared the curse in Thea’s body, so how can there still be Curse Magic in her body? Did Thea really suffer an Energy Deviation because of the curse?’ Many doubts immediately formed in James’ heart.


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