The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2957

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2957-‘Thirty thousand years ago, the Martial Reverend was already a Grand Emperor.

However, he was severely injured by the Malevolent Demon back then. After returning from the battle, he stayed in seclusion for the next thirty thousand years.”

“Since it took so many powerhouses to subjugate the Malevolent Demon, one will surely become invincible after obtaining her inheritance.”

“Let’s go to the Great Wilderness and watch what happens.”

After countless powerhouses gathered in the Southern Academy for the discussion, many cultivators of the Eidolon Realm departed to the Great Wilderness.

They wanted to watch the fight against the Malevolent Demon and attempt to obtain her inheritance.

Although they barely had a chance of obtaining the inheritance, they wanted to cling onto the belief that they would somehow luck out.

Meanwhile, James was unaware of the affairs outside the Great Wilderness.

He had no idea countless powerhouses of the Eidolon Realm were making their way into the depths of the Great Wilderness.

James had been waiting outside the Malevolent Demon

Residence for a month. He noticed that the people that entered the cave never came out, and had a bad premonition about this.

“Could something have really happened?”

James stood on the mountaintop and looked at the cultivators continuously heading into the Malevolent Demon Residence. His heart grew increasingly uneasy, and a grim look was plastered on his face.

He took a deep breath, wondering what exactly was happening in the Malevolent

Demon Residence. Why were there people going in, yet none appeared to leave?

Ultimately, he felt it was necessary for him to check on the situation.

The Malevolent Demon Residence was located under a massive mountain, which towered endlessly in the sky.

James entered the Malevolent Demon Residence.

After traveling into the cave, he attempted to use his Divine Sense to perceive the surroundings. However, the cave was surrounded by powerful formations, and it was impossible for him to get a sense of his surroundings.

James had no choice but to randomly pick a passage and quickly make his way through it.

After advancing for a while, James came across a formation blocking his path.

Fortunately, he could ask Nova within the Celestial Abode for help. With Nova’s assistance, he easily passed through the formation and continued to advance forward.

James kept traversing through the cave.

Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

While traveling through the cave, James encountered many cultivators. Some of them were trapped outside formations and were trying to pass through them. There were also a few sitting on the ground resting as they tried to find ways to get deeper into the cave to obtain the Malevolent Demon’s inheritance.

Fortunately for James, he could easily travel deeper into the cave with the help of Nova.

After one month, he finally reached the deepest part of the Malevolent Demon Residence.

The deepest region of the cave was an open area.

When James arrived, many others had already reached before him. Xainte was also among those that had arrived earlier.

Seeing James reappear inside the Malevolent Demon Residence, Xainte pursed her lips. She wanted to walk over and ask James why he had returned. However, many other people were in the area, and she did not want to risk exposing her identity.

Moreover, it would also cause a massive uproar if word got out that she spoke to James.

She was a prodigy of the Eidolon Realm, and James was just a cultivator at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage.

After James appeared, he scanned the surroundings and found at least 100,000 people in the area. All of them were powerhouses, and the weakest had reached the Divine Rank.

James discovered the stone wall ahead engraved with chaotic patterns a thousand meters high.

Some of the cultivators were studying the patterns on the wall.

James slowly walked over. After a while, he calmly approached Xainte while pretending to be observing the patterns. He cast a glance at Xainte, who was nearby.

Xainte returned James’ look with a frown.


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