The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2966

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2966-“James Caden?”

The Martial Reverend pondered on the name for a brief moment.

He could not recall if a cultivator named James Caden existed in Eidolon Realm or throughout the Boundless Realm.

He glanced at James and thought, ‘Where did this man come from and what’s his background? Could he be a powerhouse that has stayed in seclusion?’

Unable to verify James’ background, the Martial Reverend quickly put his thoughts behind him.

He looked at James and asked, “What do you think is hidden behind this door, Mr. Caden?”

In this world, the strong were highly respected.

Although James was still comparatively young, the Martial Reverend thought James was deliberately hiding his history and that he must have extraordinary skills to conceal his actual age from others.

As such, he addressed James respectfully despite being a Grand Emperor himself. James felt awkward being addressed so courteously by the Martial Reverend but did not say a word to correct him.

He turned toward the door and said, “I don’t know what’s inside either. We’ll have to go in to find out for ourselves.”

However, everyone hung back cautiously.

Although the Malevolent Demon and her inheritance might be on the other side of the door, none of them dared to make a reckless move.

They were all intimidated by the Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation and were afraid of the unknown dangers awaited them on the other side of the door.

Since there was a powerhouse like James present, it would be safer to let him test test the waters first.

Everyone stared at James.

Those that mocked James were especially mortified by how they treated him.

They all thought that James was just a human cultivator at the Sage Rank’s Tenth

Stage and never expected him to be a formidable powerhouse that was downplaying his strength.

They began faulting themselves for not realizing how a mere human at the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage managed to reach this point of the Malevolent Demon Residence. Yikron’s face was dour. He recalled how he attacked and injured James some time ago, and was aghast. If James were to take revenge, the entire Southern Academy would be doomed because of his actions.

At that moment, everyone thought James was some kind of hidden powerhouse.

Even Xainte was bewildered about James’ true strength.

After dwelling on it for a while, she came to a conclusion.

Her mother was unspeakably strong, and if James was really her father, it was only reasonable that he was just as strong as she was.

Meanwhile, the Martial Reverend was relieved that a peerless cultivator was present among them.

Initially, he had concerns about fighting against the Malevolent Demon. After all, he was wounded by her, and it took him 30,000 years to suppress the sinister energy she had left in his body. He was not confident he could take her down again.

With James here, he felt more at easy. He would be less anxious if James were to join in the fight against the Malevolent Demon.

The Martial Reverend said respectfully, “Please lead the way, Mr. Caden. Take us into the depths of the Malevolent Demon Residence so that we may attack and kill the Malevolent Demon together.”

James frowned at his words.

He looked at the door and thought, ‘Is Thea really beyond this door?’

He was unsure what dangers awaited him, but he could not be bothered at this point.

Even if there were dangers, he still wanted to press on and find out more about the current situation.

James was worried for Thea’s safety.

Besides, he had the Celestial Abode along Emperor Jabari within it. With his support, James was not afraid of the dangers that lay ahead. He walked toward the door without much hesitation.

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, James walked through the door. As soon as he entered, his body was enveloped by the light and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The Martial Reverend did not stay behind and followed James through the door.

Seeing this, the others also followed suit.

As the powerhouses entered the door one after another, all the other formations within the Malevolent Demon Residence were deactivated. Those unable to proceed prior to this now quickly made their way to the deepest part of the cave and saw the completed Sacred Blossom Puzzle Formation.

All of them rushed into the door without hesitation.

No one noticed the statue on the stone wall nearby.

At that moment, its eyes suddenly moved.

The statue watched the cultivators rushing into the door as it silently sunk into the stone wall.


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