The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2975

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2975-James was slightly taken aback by his remark and asked, “What formation? What do you know about it?”

Emperor Jabari explained solemnly, “Resurrection Formations are terrifying and are like a taboo existence. The formation requires the Blood Essence of countless living beings to be activated. Once the formation is triggered, a tremendous force will form within the formation. With the assistance of other treasures, it can resurrect the dead.

“I can sense a Resurrection Formation that covers this whole world. With such a large formation, the person they’re trying to resurrect must be a terrifying powerhouse at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven or above.”

James exclaimed, “What?!”

Emperor Jabari said, “You have to stop it, James. The formation requires the blood of countless powerhouses. Since the mastermind behind it has begun to take action, a massacre against the people that have entered this world must’ve already begun.”

After receiving the news, James’ face turned grim.

He looked at Xainte and asked, “Is this a Resurrection Formation?”

Xainte was taken aback by his question. It was evident she did not know what Resurrection Formations were.

Even the Martial Reverend was clueless.

The Martial Reverend asked, “What’s a Resurrection Formation, Mr. Caden?”

James said, “All living beings have a limited lifespan. Even a Grand Emperor is no exception and will eventually die. A person that has died can’t be revived.

“Resurrection is a transcendent act.

“Resurrection Formations go against the Heavenly Path and can revive the dead.

“I finally understand why so many rumors have been going around recently. It was to lure a large number of powerhouses into this world. The mastermind of this scheme plans to kill us all and absorb our Blood Essence to activate a Resurrection Formation to bring a powerhouse back from the dead.”

James repeated Emperor Jabari’s words to them.

After hearing this, the Martial Reverend looked at the red words in the sky. At that moment, he immediately realized the red words were formed by blood.

It was evident a few cultivators had already fallen.

“We have to stop it!”

“I didn’t expect the Malevolent Demon to be so ruthless.”

“The Malevolent Demon must’ve also led monsters into the Eidolon Realm’s cities thirty thousand years ago to collect Blood Essence and revive a certain powerhouse.”

“Damn it, Malevolent Demon!”

Many powerhouses present scolded Thea.

However, James remained silent.

He did not dare to refute them.

Thea’s action had aroused public outrage.

Thus, he did not dare to speak up for her.

However, he knew someone was using Thea. She was the executor, but someone was controlling her behind the scenes.

The Martial Reverend looked at James and said, “Please take the lead and resolve this disaster, Mr. Caden.”

James thought for a while and said, “Right now, we have to gather all those that have entered this unknown world. Also, the Malevolent Demon isn’t the mastermind. Her strength makes it impossible for her to have planned all this. I’m sure there’s someone else controlling everything.”

The Martial Reverend nodded and said solemnly, “You’re right. The Malevolent Demon probably isn’t the real mastermind. She’s only a puppet executing everything. There must be another person behind her.”


He took a deep breath.

The Malevolent Demon was already a terrifying opponent. How strong was the person controlling her?

However, his worries were immediately relieved upon remembering that James was with them.

He thought that James’ strength must have been greater than his. With James in charge, they might be able to kill the Malevolent Demon and even the force behind her.

James immediately ordered, “Let’s divide into two groups. Martial Reverend, you lead the people you’ve brought here and quickly search for those who’ve entered this world. After we gather everyone, we’ll take action against the mastermind together.”


The Martial Reverend did not linger and quickly left with his party of powerhouses.

After they left, Xainte looked at James and asked solemnly, “What should we do?”


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