The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2983

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2983-After thinking for a while, Thea said, “He should be a Grand Emperor. However, he didn’t seem to have reached far in the Grand Emperor Rank and is likely at the Grand Emperor Rank’s First or Second Heaven. He practices Curse Magic and uses Curse Power. Therefore, he has tremendous strength, and defeating him won’t be easy.”

“Where’s the Sanctuary of Darkness?” asked the Martial Reverend.

Thea recalled the location briefly and said, “It’s in the deepest part of this world. I can vaguely remember where it is. However, we can’t rashly barge in there. We must be fully prepared.”

“Then, what’s your relationship with James?”

“He’s my husband. We came to the Boundless Realm together, but we got separated. Ultimately, I got controlled by this mysterious mastermind and was used as a puppet to achieve his goal of resurrecting a powerhouse.”

Thea did not hide the truth from them.

Hearing her explanation, the Martial Reverend looked at the other powerhouses. He stepped forward and said, “My fellow cultivators, I’ve found out the truth of this disaster. A mysterious man is trying to resurrect someone from the Primeval Age. After he is brought back from the dead, he will surely bring chaos to our world.

“We might not be this person’s opponent if he were to be resurrected.

“We need to find an escape route as soon as possible and return to the outside world. Then, we need to discuss this with the Elixir Pavilion’s Leader and request him to gather powerhouses throughout the Boundless Realm to come to this world and kill the scheming mastermind.

“As for Thea’s crimes, how about we overlook them for now and decide on her punishment after we get rid of this mysterious man?”

“You call the shots, Martial Reverend.”

“Since we’ve come to this, it’s our only choice.”

“Moreover, we’re all infected by curses. Only James can dispel them, so there’s nothing we can do to the Malevolent Demon either.”

The powerhouses gradually expressed their opinions.

After a short discussion, the powerhouses began to heal their injuries.

Although they had decided on a plan, they had to recuperate from their injuries before they could take action.

Meanwhile, Thea and Xainte sat together on a boulder.

“Mother, Father has already told me everything about your relationship. Initially, I thought he was trying to deceive me. I never expected it to be true and for him to really be my father.”

Thea looked at Xainte apologetically and said, “I’m sorry I abandoned you. I really had no other choice.”

“It’s alright. It’s all in the past.”

Xainte’s nose went stuffy as she tried to hold back her tears.

“By the way, my name isn’t Xainte Callahan anymore and should be Xainte Caden, right?”

Xainte pouted and chuckled.

Thea also laughed at her remark.

“Will my father be alright?”

Thinking of James, Xainte began to worry about his well-being.

Thea replied, “He should be fine. He had absorbed and suppressed a lot of Curse Power before. I’m sure he’ll be fine this time as well.”

With Thea’s reassurance, Xainte felt relieved.

Meanwhile, James had entered the Time Chamber within the Celestial Abode.

He was concentrating on suppressing the Curse Power in his body. After the Curse Power was suppressed, they gradually turned into black inscriptions.

At first, there were only about seven.

When he completed suppressing the Curse Power, more than a hundred black inscriptions had formed inside his body.

However, James was clueless about their meaning. He could only tell they were Curse Inscriptions and were essential to practicing Curse Magic.

Perhaps, this was real Curse Magic.

The version other powerhouses practiced was the evil version born with time. James knew the real Curse Magic was not intended to be evil since he had met with the Ancestral Talisman Master when he traveled through the Space-Time Portal.

James scanned the hundreds of mysterious inscriptions. Each of them exuded mysterious energy.

Then, he looked at the Jade Seal in front of him and thought, ‘These inscriptions were formed because of the Jade Seal. Perhaps the Jade Seal is the only way I’ll be able to learn real Curse Magic. However, it will be hard for me to understand Curse Magic since I’m still relatively weak.’


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